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NickMercs Blasts 'Idiots' Making Call Of Duty

NickMercs has undergone a stunning transformation to rise to the top of the streaming world. Along the way, he's earned big streaming contracts and blasted his way through games like "Apex Legends" and "Call of Duty: Warzone." For the most part, NickMercs hasn't been shy about his opinions on the various games he plays. He quit playing "Warzone" for a time after becoming enraged by cheaters, and has voiced his thoughts on how his new favorite title, "Apex Legends," could be better.

Now, NickMercs has come out with a strong opinion that's ruffled a few feathers in the gaming community. Voicing his concerns for the future of the "Call of Duty" franchise, Nickmercs went after the developers of "Call of Duty," going so far as to call them "idiots" and speculating that the series could be in serious trouble if things don't change soon.

This isn't the first time NickMercs has had choice words developers of a game, though. He previously unloaded on "Warzone" developers for a perceived lack of precautions against cheaters. According to NickMercs, cheaters prohibited others from enjoying the game. Not only that, but their tactics were changing, making it even more difficult to catch them and eject them from matches. With those obstacles seemingly stacked against developers, NickMercs has been unsure what the future of "Warzone" would look like. Now, he's applying that logic to the wider "Call of Duty" series, with the important addition that developers seem to be missing the mark when it comes to what players want in the game.

NickMercs is worried about the future of Call of Duty

Fans finally know when "Modern Warfare 2" is being released, and many are getting excited for the series' return to one of its most famous installments. That being said, NickMercs isn't entirely sold on the remake, as he explained in a recent stream. As NickMercs watched new gameplay footage with other streamers – including TimTheTatman – he couldn't hide his emotions, making several disappointed and tired expressions throughout the broadcast. 

When TimTheTatman pointed out that the gaming industry as a whole was doing poorly lately, what with streaming numbers being down, NickMercs finally couldn't hold back anymore. He argued that there are no quality new games available to streamers, which means that viewers might not be tuning in quite as much. TimTheTatman said that he was depending on "Modern Warfare 2" to bring the community out of the slump, but NickMercs didn't agree.

"There has not been a good 'Call of Duty' in 6 years," NickMercs said bluntly. "'Black Ops 3' is the last good one – great one." Other streamers weighed in, trying to think of comparable "Call of Duty" titles, but NickMercs stood firm on his opinion. He said that if you look backward from "Black Ops 3," all of the previous "Call of Duty" games are quality titles, but newer ones are hit or miss.

"What are these idiots doing, man?" NickMercs asked rhetorically. It was a one-off comment, and the conversation quickly moved on to other "Call of Duty" games, but the damage was done. NickMercs' comments might not have been intended maliciously, but his point still hit: According to NickMercs, "Call of Duty" has been chasing its heyday for some time. Both TimTheTatman and Cloakzy, who were on the call with NickMercs, generally agreed with his sentiments, and all the streamers longed for what they considered the series' golden days.

NickMercs isn't the only one upset

NickMercs and his friends aren't the only people worried about "Modern Warfare 2" and the future of the "Call of Duty" franchise. Many gamers have expressed concern over "Modern Warfare 2" specifically, especially considering it marks a return to a beloved moment in the franchise's history. Gamers are concerned that "Modern Warfare 2" will release on both previous and current-gen consoles, as the online play between the two generations would likely suffer as a result of different hardware.

Then there's the price tag of "Modern Warfare 2," which caused an uproar with some fans. A Vault Edition of the game includes various goodies, like operator skins and items players can use in-game, and it costs $100 for all that extra content. However, the standard version of the game is also quite pricy at $70 – no matter what console you purchase the game for. Understandably, gamers were frustrated that "Modern Warfare 2" would bring current-gen prices to last-gen consoles.

With all the uncertainty surrounding "Modern Warfare 2," it's easy to see how NickMercs might feel upset about the future of a franchise he loves so deeply. Fellow streamer Dr Disrespect expressed similar sentiments during a recent "Call of Duty: Warzone" stream with TimTheTatman, hinting that he'd have to step away from streaming for two years to make his own game. At this point, the Doc argued, there just aren't any games he enjoys streaming these days.