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Post Malone Wants Corpse Husband To Try This Genre Next

Corpse Husband's fame sits at a unique intersection of the gaming and music communities. The streamer started his career in Twitch and his following grew considerably with the rise of games like "Among Us," but it has since expanded exponentially due to the popularity of his music. This particularly took off when his song "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life!" went viral on TikTok, putting millions of new eyes on the masked artist. Now, fans go wild anytime Corpse announces a new single. Many enjoy the dulcet tones of his uniquely deep voice coupled with the dark, industrial rhythms that he frequently uses in his music.


Another thing fans have enjoyed about Corpse Husband is the way he fosters relationships with other creators and often collaborates with them. He's had a gaming relationship with fellow faceless streamer Dream, is good friends with jacksepticeye, and even collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly to make the song "Daywalker," with his friend and fellow streamer Valkyrae playing him in the music video. Just recently, he was on stream playing "Apex Legends" with Post Malone when the hip-hop artist suggested Corpse tries out a new genre for his next song that fan's had never anticipated: country.

Post Malone wants Corpse Husband to make a country song

A video clip of the exchange from the perspective of Post Malone's stream was posted on YouTube by the channel The Corpse Squad. It opens with the two of them preparing to drop into the "Apex Legends" arena when Post says, "Corpse, you got a lot of love in the chat over here man." Then, after Corpse thanked his admirers, Post turned back to his chat and said, "I've been trying to tell Corpse he should do, like, a country song." Both of them laughed at this idea since it is clearly well outside the scope of the kind of music the artist usually makes. Then Corpse came back and said that his country singer name would be "Crops," making a play on words with the stage name he already uses.


The two of them were clearly joking around and it's unlikely that fans will hear the debut of Crops Husband anytime soon, but many people who saw the video seemed to enjoy the idea. One user commented, "I would listen to country music if it was Corpse," while another enthusiastically said, "Cropse – Corn Husks Are Ruining My Life!" Who knows. Maybe with enough demand from fans, they'll actually get to hear what a Corpse Husband country song sounds like. He'll probably have to cut a hole in the cowboy hat for his one-eared rabbit mask, though.