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xQc Rages Over MultiVersus Stream Snipers

Free-to-play multifandom brawler "MultiVersus" is off to a strong start. The open beta for the game went live July 26, 2022, granting all players access to the free-to-play title. Fan-made mods have already embraced the "Smash Bros." similarity, showing clear passion for the game. There's also reason to expect more characters on the way in addition to the already interesting cast, with everyone from Batman to Steven Universe to Velma and beyond. All in all, the game has the potential to draw in a wide audience, especially since it touches on so many fandoms.

Naturally, streamers have every reason to check out "MultiVersus" – the game's novelty, big-name characters, and irresistible price tag make it likely their viewers will be playing along. Among those interested in the game is successful French-Canadian streamer xQc, best known for his high-energy variety gaming streams. He's also got a bit of a reputation for getting involved in drama, including many bans to his name and a few high-profile feuds with other stars like HasanAbi and Amouranth. While xQc's plans to play "MultiVersus" seemed pretty low stakes, problems popped up by way of stream snipers who left him feeling frustrated.

Stream snipers crash xQc's game

During his July 27, 2022 stream, xQc gave the "MultiVersus" open beta a spin, only to find himself invited to upwards of 2,000 games by trolls. The influx of invites was surely annoying to xQc at first, but it ended up reaching a breaking point when it stopped him from being able to play. "Literally crashed my game. I don't know anyone who thinks that's funny. Like, I don't get it," he said, exasperated.

xQc went on to share past fan complaints about him having a hard time settling on a game, as well as the irony of people crashing a game he was actually enjoying. As he shared, "We're in the biggest game world of all time and there's no games to play, or whatever the f***. I can't do s***."

Clearly, xQc had reason to be irritated. The stream snipers who saw his username and sent a massive wave of invites had no clear motive other than to get under his skin. On top of keeping xQc from enjoying the game, they also affected his ability to create relevant content about the new title. It'll be interesting to see if xQc revisits "MultiVersus" in his future streams and if the trolls rear their ugly heads again.