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Amouranth Makes A Bold Claim About xQc

Streamers Amouranth and xQc are both familiar with Twitch bans. Amouranth recently found herself in hot water after a ban for a controversial ASMR stream, and before that she was at the forefront of Twitch's hot tub meta, which caused her to lose quite a bit of money. Meanwhile, xQc has received bans from a variety of platforms throughout his streaming career, but that hasn't stopped him from commenting on Amouranth's experiences. Amouranth fired back on Twitter with her own speculation about xQc's aims, stirring up drama between the two streamers even more.


Shortly after xQc had explained that he was growing tired of gambling streams, Amouranth tweeted, "The reason Xqc liked ripping on hot tubs was because it took attention away from the gamba stuff... You know glass houses and such." 

In other words, Amouranth speculated that xQc had publicly criticized her to distract from his own gambling streams, which many have viewed as problematic. Even xQc himself has admitted that he was "slightly, if not moderately" addicted to gambling. But was that really his goal?

Clout and labelling

Amouranth suggested that xQc ran from his own problems by using his platform to criticize her streams, diverting attention away from himself and back to her. However, commenters didn't necessarily agree with Amouranth's assessment. For instance, fellow streamer Mizkif commented, "You made this tweet because he's the 2nd most clipped person on [LivestreamFail] so his viewers will post it there to push your 2nd account." 


LivestreamFail selects the funniest and wildest moments from streamers and reposts them for the internet's amusement. Mizkif saw Amouranth's comments as an attempt to pull in more followers when LivestreamFail inevitably reposts her comments. In theory, a little trash talk now could translate to more curious fans on her page later. 

Other fans noted that xQc has actually stopped gambling, unlike Amouranth, who continues to find ways around Twitch guidelines in order to continue delivering racy content. One fan said of Amouranth and xQc's streams, "Both should be 18+. Don't blame xqc blame twitch for not creating a 18+ sections for gambling and hot tub streams. Both of you are extremely lucky to be doing that on twitch in the first place." 


As a funny post-script, Amouranth imagined a future where she begins participating in gambling streams while xQc starts hot tub streaming. When someone suggested the streamers should try both at the same time, Amouranth responded, "Hey that's the top secret meta." Who knows? Combination gambling/hot tub streams could be in Amouranth's future.