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MultiVersus: How To Edgeguard

With "MultiVersus" available for free on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC, there's loads of players looking to duke it out with iconic Warner Brothers characters. While fans think there are a ton more characters on the way, the beginning roster is already pretty robust — especially considering how differently each combatant plays from one another. 

With the game new for so many players, and the reveal that the open beta has already fixed its cheapest move, now's a fantastic time to jump into the brawl and learn the ins and outs of the various fighters. Thanks to the fact that all characters are playable in the training mode, learning how to edgeguard (one of the most crucial aspects of any strategy) is accessible to everyone. Like "Super Smash Bros.," "MultiVersus" is a platform fighter and ensuring your opponents can't make it back onto the stage is vital for victory.

Edgeguarding in MultiVersus and how to pull it off

Edgeguarding involves preventing your opponent from returning to the stage. Let's say you launch your foe off to the side. What are you going to do to keep them away and snag the KO? If they're above you, you might be better off trying to send them even higher to be knocked out of the top of the ring. If they're below you, you'll likely want to jump after them and deliver a mighty spike. Spikes are fairly hard to land, but are an almost guaranteed death sentence for a player clambering to get back up on to the stage.

No matter what you do, the most important things to know are your character's moves and the moves of your opponent. If you're fighting Jake the Dog from "Adventure Time," he'll likely stretch to get back onto the stage. During this, only his head is vulnerable to attacks. If you jump off the ledge to deliver a spike as Superman, you need to bear in mind that your downward air attack can be charged for greater damage and/or making sure you time the hit just right. Knowing how each character operates is absolutely necessary. 

Finally, the best way to get better at edgeguarding is practice. The more you move around and play as characters, the more frequently you'll spot situations where you can successfully bludgeon a foe off the edge and keep them there.