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Digimon Survive: How To Beat Arukenimon

There have been a lot of different storylines in the "Digimon" franchise and some of them have explored surprisingly dark themes, considering they were made primarily for children. The new video game "Digimon Survive" takes this a bit farther, however. Players make decisions across the sizable campaign that can affect the outcomes of events in the story. Some of these decisions will change the character's personality through a new mechanic called the Karma System while others may lead toward danger and even death if the player isn't careful.

Another aspect of the game that seems to be targeted at an older audience is the surprisingly challenging boss fights. Enemies like Dokugumon and Fangmon present a higher difficulty threshold than many fans might have expected from a "Digimon" game. Then there's Arukenimon. This is another Digimon that might be a bit more challenging than many gamers anticipated and it certainly leans into the darker themes established in the game. This haunting arachnid is the primary antagonist of Part 3. During this portion of the game, Arukenimon wants to sacrifice Takuma, his allies, and virtually everyone else it can find to its mysterious master. Negotiation doesn't work with this particular enemy and the battle can't be avoided. Arukenimon is probably the most difficult boss that players will have faced up until this point in the game, but there are a few methods that will make the fight more manageable.

Make sure to prep before the battle

Before the player even gets to the point of fighting Arukenimon, they will want to make sure that they've taken a few steps to prepare. First of all, they will want to ensure that they have assembled and adequately leveled a powerful team of Digimon. This might seem like an obvious tip, but having an underpowered team can be a death sentence.

Next, players will want to be careful what they chose while in the narrative section leading up to the fight. There is no avoiding the battle, but one of the decisions leading up to it can help determine the conditions in which the player faces this troublesome enemy. Players will meet an unfamiliar woman with long, white hair and a red dress during part 3 shortly after Miu goes missing. This is actually Arukenimon disguising itself as a human. She will tell the party that the rundown cable car is actually perfectly functional and that it will take them straight to the tower. Players will be asked to choose between believing her or Kaito, who aggressively claims that she is a monster and refuses to go with her. Players should choose Kaito as this will lead to them separating from the rest of the group, finding several additional consumable items and, most importantly, to them not being caught in Arukenimon's cable car trap, which makes the upcoming battle a lot easier (via GameRant).

Freeing the team

Assuming the player chose to believe Kaito and go with him instead of joining the others, Takuma will not be on the rail car when Arukenimon springs its trap. Instead, Kaito will notice the stranded car and the two of them will rush to help their friends. Players will be able to place their Digimon at the edge of a cliff. The area over the cliff's edge will be covered in spiderwebs that several Dokugumon will be balancing on. To the right side of the cliff are several grassy steps leading up to Arukenimon.

Digimon can go out onto the webs in order to fight the Dokugumon. It's best to clear all of these out before heading up the hill to fight Arukenimon since this will free the rest of the party members from the cable car so that they and their Digimon can join you in the upcoming battle. Players will also have a little bit of a breather here in order to heal up and cure any status conditions they might have been afflicted with. Then they should clear out any other enemies that might be left and make their way to Arukenimon.

Fighting Arukenimon

Now it's time for the boss fight. The first thing to know about fighting Arukenimon is that its attacks do an incredible amount of damage, but it doesn't actually have a huge health pool. That means players are going to want to hit it hard and fast with as many fully evolved Digimon as they can surround it with. This is why clearing out all the other enemies first and fighting it alone makes the battle so much more manageable than charging straight in. Also keep in mind during the assault that Arukenimon is weak to Electric attacks, but immune to Psychic ones.

When the player has landed the final blow, Arukenimon will be defeated, but not destroyed. She will escape after losing the battle. This is the final barrier to ending Part 3, although it may not be the last time players end up bumping into the Queen of Spiders. They may run into her in the factory area, or get ambushed by her in the sewers later. There are different terrains and Arukenimon will be surrounded by different enemies, but the same tactics work to defeat it. Simply wipe out all the smaller enemies first and then surround her and hit her with as many powerful attacks as possible.