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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Beat The Mysterious Enemy Boss

"Xenoblade Chronicles 3" is here and it has everything fans want in a modern JRPG experience. Some critics have found the dialogue to be a bit clunky in places, but most have unanimously agreed that the combat and exploration on offer in the war-torn world of Aionios make for an incredibly powerful gaming experience. Players get to take control of a cast of six playable characters from the two rival countries of Keves and Agnus as this motley group of Attackers, Defenders and Healers must band together in an effort to save both nations from their true enemy.


Along the way, these characters will have to face several challenging battles, although some bosses are certainly harder than others. One of the ones a lot of gamers have been struggling with is the Mysterious Enemy that appears at the end of the very first part of the game in Chapter 1. This bizarre creature manifests in the Alfeto Valley at the end of the fight against the three stronger Agnian soldiers. There are two separate phases to this battle that each require their own set of tactics. Here's how to beat it.

Phase 1

Preparation is the path to victory. Players will probably want to make sure they're at least level 12 before attempting to take on the Mysterious Enemy even though the creature itself is only level 10. It has a good-sized health pool, deals a significant amount of damage and is resistant to a lot of the character's Arts (via IGN). Grinding levels might seem like obvious advice, but going into this fight underpowered is a surefire way to get party-wiped by this demonic behemoth. Players who aren't at the appropriate level, or who wish to get a couple extra levels under their belt just to be safe, should return to the camp where they can get EXP bonuses to gain experience quickly (via Game8). Gamers should also ensure that they equip any accessories that might increase their defense, as this is a somewhat long battle.


When the battle finally begins, players are going to want to get behind the big monster and start hitting it in the back. Building up the Overclock Buster with Edge Thrust and then hitting it with Sword Strike from the side in order to Break, Topple and Daze the enemy is the key to this fight, as it allows the player to do more damage from behind. At the midpoint on its health bar, the Mysterious Enemy will enter a Rage and begin to deal even more damage, but if players can get the creature's health bar all the way down, Phase 2 will begin.

Phase 2

Good news! The hard part is over. At the start of Phase 2, the device that the characters have been fighting over will be activated, allowing Noah and Mio to merge into their Ouroboros form, which looks like a large, semi-organic mech suit. At this point, the Mysterious Enemy will introduce itself as Moebius and explain that they are enemies. This part of the fight is actually significantly easier than the first, as the Ouroboros is finally capable of dealing damage on par with Mobius.


When the cutscene ends, players should use the Art Unison Strike on the creature's back. This does a good bit of damage and helps to build up the meter on the Mega Spinning Edge Art which deals even more, taking Moebius' health down in big chunks. Then, simply cycle through the remaining arts to whittle it down. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Players who keep up this relentless string of attacks shouldn't have any trouble defeating the boss in no time flat.

Beating Mobius doesn't kill him, however. He will simply concede his defeat and flee the battlefield after projecting an infinity symbol into the sky.