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How Starfield Ended This Comedian's Relationship

Upcoming game "Starfield" has quite the saga behind it already, and for comedian Bobby Lee, it's also become part of a very personal life decision.

For context, "Starfield" was originally revealed to the world subtly through a 2013 copyright claim, and the title has been in development since 2015. Set to release sometime in 2023, "Starfield" has kept fans waiting for so long, that they can't wait to check it out. It'll be the first original Bethesda universe in 25 years, so there's plenty to be hyped about. That said, some "Starfield" revelations have seriously lowered fan expectations. So far, gameplay previews have everyone saying the same thing: that "Starfield" looks all too similar to "No Man's Sky." After these early looks, and bad news of a delay followed, fans began lowering their expectations and even embraced the delay as a chance for the devs to brush things up.

That being said, there's still plenty of hype around "Starfield," especially from Bobby Lee. Just like the rest of gamers who have gotten invested ahead of the release of big-name titles like "Elden Ring," Lee cannot wait to try the upcoming Bethesda game. Even though "Starfield" isn't out yet, it's already had a big impact the well-known comedian. Among other reasons, the upcoming release of "Starfield" actually factored into the end of a nearly decade-long relationship -– here's how it went down.

Bobby Lee is single, but only ready to mingle with Starfield

In a clip from a July 18 episode of "The HoneyDew With Ryan Sickler" podcast, Bobby Lee shared some details about how "Starfield" factored into the end of his almost 10-year relationship with ex-girlfriend Khalyla. Long story short, the two have split amicably, and are still living together.

While Lee had plenty of kind words to share about Khalyla, including her support of him and his career over the years, he was also candidly self-deprecating about his role in the relationship. Essentially, he's not currently interested in a long-term relationship and all that it entails. In his words, "I have no interest in compromising, in listening."

More of an independent guy, Lee has plans for his new single life. As Lee told Sickler, "When Starfield comes out, I'm gonna be playing that thing 16 hours a day, baby." He shared his excitement for the upcoming title, flexing his video game knowledge by citing previous titles by Bethesda including "Fallout" and "Skyrim." Lee elaborated on his plans, saying, "I don't give a f**k, I'm playing it 16 hours a day, and I don't wanna be in a relationship where they're like, you know, 'we're gonna go to the park.' You know, I don't wanna do that." All in all, it seems Lee is happy with his decision to focus on "Starfield" over dating -– it'll be interesting to see how he likes the game once it's out.