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Digimon Survive: How To Find And Befriend Tuskmon

Appearing front and center in nearly every piece of "Digimon" media to date (per Wikimon), unofficial franchise mascot Agumon features as the companion to the "Digimon Survive" central protagonist, Takuma Momozuka. While many fans of the 90's anime series might remember Greymon as his iconic Digivolved form, the loveable Reptile Digimon starts off strong with a branching evolutionary path in "Survive" featuring three possible forms revealed in the very first boss fight against Dokugumon.

One of Agumon's possible evolutions is Tuskmon, an attack-class heavy hitter best suited to strengthening your front line in battle. Its Virus attribute makes it especially helpful when protecting the mainly Data and Vaccine attribute main cast against powerful Data type enemies that can cause a headache in the earlier parts of the game. The catch is that Agumon's evolutions correspond to the Karma system implemented into the main text-based portions: His evolution into Tuskmon is only available to players who choose mainly Wrathful story options, locking out those who'd rather take a more peaceful approach to dialogue prompts.

Thankfully, Tuskmon is available for recruitment as a separate Digimon farther into the game. Here's when and how to find and befriend Tuskmon in "Digimon Survive."

Finding Tuskmon In Part 4

The earliest that Tuskmon can be recruited is in the free exploration portions of Part 4, after finishing Part 3 with a memorable boss battle against Arukenimon. It can appear in free battles in the forest and near the school, where it can be negotiated with through the Talk battle action. As with all other recruitable wild Digimon, it presents a set of multiple choice questions that must be answered correctly to increase its affinity towards the player.

Tuskmon is a brash creature, and likes equally abrasive answers when interrogated. Players should choose the most confrontational answers, trying to either disagree with it or one-up it as much as possible. Here's an abbreviated answer key (via Gamepur) for those wanting to double check their answers:

  • Q: "Ain't you a frail-looking..." A: "I eat everything!"
  • Q: "Arrrrgh! Grraaaargh..." A: "Calm down already!"
  • Q: "Did you know..." A: "It's bad for your gut."
  • Q: "I'll pulverize ya..." A: "Not if I beat you!"
  • Q: "I want to do nothing..." A: "Even more than you!"
  • Q: "This is my turf..." A: "Hunt for yourself!"
  • Q: "Uurrgh..." A: "Can't say the same..."

An important thing to note is that choosing all the correct answers doesn't guarantee recruitment — factors like your Digimons' levels and your current Karma leanings will also affect the success rating. If you're having trouble, the best thing to do is to grind out some levels and try again.