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Why Nintendo Fans Are Furious About FIFA 23

"FIFA" is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, but it hasn't been all smooth sailing since its inception in 1993Loot boxescontract disputesaccidental bans, and various other controversies have all plagued the series recently. This all culminated in its developers, EA Sports, splitting from FIFA earlier this year. Still, throughout its 30-year-long partnership, the series did a few things right, as it kept gamers buying a new entry every year by adding new features, gameplay mechanics, and ways to play, making it the envy of the sports video game scene.

But not all entries into the "FIFA" series are created equal. For example, the "FIFA 22" next-gen upgrade was borderline insulting, with few upgrades to warrant the steep price tag. And just recently, gamers that enjoy playing "FIFA" on the go got some bad news about the Nintendo Switch version of "FIFA 23," slated to release on September 26 this year. After Nintendo announced the title, fans quickly discovered that the Switch's "FIFA 23" is very different from its next-gen counterparts.

It will be missing features

According to a Nintendo Store listing, "FIFA 23" will release as a Legacy Edition on the Switch. To the delight of many, the upcoming title will include the much-anticipated addition of women's club teams, new stadiums, and updated clubs. But one line in the announcement has gamers in an uproar. Specifically, the line that states "FIFA 23 Legacy Edition" will release "without any new development or significant enhancements" to the "FIFA 22 Legacy Edition." A line that users have pointed out on Reddit has been copy-pasted on every "FIFA" Switch title dating back to "FIFA 20."

To the dismay of fans, "FIFA 23 Legacy Edition" will be missing features available to its next-gen counterparts. This is because the Switch's "FIFA 23" doesn't run on the Frostbite engine. Instead, it runs on an altered version of the Ignite Engine, previously used for "FIFA 16." Some features previously left out of recent Switch entries include weather effects, squad battles, and upgraded AI (via Digital Foundry).

Unsurprisingly, fans were furious to hear this, especially considering the game is selling for a premium price. Some justified the missing features by pointing out that the Switch is significantly weaker than the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles. Things could be changing, however, considering EA is rebranded the series. In the meantime, Switch gamers will be forced to play a watered-down version of "FIFA."