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IShowSpeed Reveals How Adin Ross Got Him Out Of Jail

Streamer IShowSpeed has certainly found himself in a lot of trouble recently. Earlier this summer, a Fourth of July celebration with Pokemon fireworks in his room backfired horribly. More recently, he found himself under fire from viewers for scaring a kid on his stream. His latest controversy stems from a confusing swatting incident, as fans watched the streamer being handcuffed live on YouTube. Fortunately for IShowSpeed, he received help from fellow streamer Adin Ross, who apparently managed to get him out of jail after his encounter with the police.

During a recent stream, IShowSpeed responded to a question about how much he had to pay in bail to be released. The streamer responded that his bail had been set at $20,000, but that Adin Ross had helped him out. "My boy Adin came in clutch, he paid it fully," he explained to his viewers. He further clarified that Ross had apparently wired the money to the police and that, after receiving his bail amount, they had released him from jail and returned his property. IShowSpeed did not elaborate further on why he had been arrested in the first place or what charges he was facing. Given that there is still some suspicion around whether he was swatted or that he called the police himself, his arrest and considerable bail has raised further questions from the commenters on his stream.

Adin Ross lends a hand after his own swatting incident

Regardless of what happened to bring the police to his door, IShowSpeed certainly seems grateful that Ross came through for him in his time of need. Ross, himself, knows a little something about being swatted and arrested.

On August 7, Ross found himself also being arrested during a live stream after being swatted. Ross subsequently broke his silence about the "insane" swatting and discussed how scary the experience had been. With that in mind, it seems fitting that Ross came to the aid of another streamer facing a similar situation this week and was able to (literally) bail him out.

Questions surrounding IShowSpeed's arrest notwithstanding, these recent incidents highlight the continuing problem of swatting, especially in the gaming and streaming communities. Also this week, streamer Keffals was swatted, with police showing up at her home in London, Ontario and arresting her. She later opened up about the horrific incident, expressing fear for safety and anger at how the police had handled it.

IShowSpeed's fans will have to wait and see if he chooses to reveal more details about his own experience, or at least clarify what happened and what he's being charged with. For now, thanks to Adin Ross, the streamer remains free and at home.