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Rollerdrome: How To Unlock Out For Blood Mode

"Rollerdrome" is a brand new third-person shooter that dares to ask the question: What if "Tony Hawk Pro Skater" had guns? The game is set in the year 2030, when a new bloodsport forces its competitors to battle to the death. The protagonist, Kara Hassan, must roller skate her way around numerous armed enemies, perform tricks in order to dodge their attacks, and then retaliate with deadly accuracy. The game was first announced during Sony's 2022 State of Play, and while it doesn't seem that Xbox Series X|S players will get to partake in the derby-themed action, PlayStation and PC players have been watching the game with enthusiasm. Early critical reviews for "Rollerdrome" seem positive as well.

To get their money's worth, players may already be looking to unlock as much extra content as they possibly can. While there is an option for a special mode in the main menu, it is locked from the start and there are no direct instructions for how to unlock it. Here's how to unlock the mysterious "Out for Blood" mode in "Rollerdrome."

You have to beat the game first

The good news is that unlocking "Out for Blood" mode doesn't require the player to do anything too fancy — they just have to beat the game. There are no penalties for turning on aim-assist or anything like that; the game just needs to be completed. As soon as the credits roll, the main menu option becomes unlocked and "Out for Blood" becomes available — but what is it?

Basically, "Out for Blood" is an epilogue set one year after the events of the game. Hassan comes back to the Rollerdrome to compete in her second season, this time as the defending champion. It's sort of like a New Game + with a remixed soundtrack, as she will be playing through all of the same levels. 

There are several ways that this mode is more difficult than the original, with a mix of stronger versions of the various enemies Hassan faced the first time around. Although the baddies deal increased damage, Hassan will now have access to all of her weapons right out of the gate. The mode also allows players to compare their scores globally, which has intrigued reviewers like Ridge Harripersad at CGM. If you're looking for even more of a challenge, "Out for Blood" is for you.