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How To Get Every Ending In Thymesia

"Dishonored" meets "Bloodborne" in "Thymesia," an indie Souls-like ARPG from developer OverBorder Studio and publisher Team17 that puts players in the shoes of a dark assassin uncovering the mysteries of a plague-ridden kingdom. Released for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, "Thymesia" follows the story of "Corvus" as he fights to reclaim his memories while harnessing the powers of disease and his raven-like abilities. 


There are seven bosses across the game to find and beat before proceeding to the endgame, each of them dropping unique items that can be used in combination to trigger any of the five distinct endings. Thankfully, you don't need to replay the game five times. While "Thymesia" is a short and sweet adventure that you can beat in a fraction of the time needed to beat a game like "Elden Ring," you only need to finish the story once in order to quickly view all possible endings. Here's how to unlock and view every ending in "Thymesia."

Get used to the final boss fight

While you won't be replaying the entire game five times to view all endings, you will be fighting the final boss again for each resolution. According to Quick Guides on YouTube, you'll be given a prompt that asks "if the outcome was the truth" after viewing an ending — selecting "no" will rewind you to a point before the final fight and allow you to try again. Which ending you get depends on which boss items — called Cores — you combine after defeating the final boss. The Cores are divided into three categories that determine how they will interact with each other, as follows:

  • Pure Blood Cores: Varg and Urd
  • Vile Blood Cores: Odur, The Sound of the Abyss, and Fool's God
  • Fused Cores: The Hanged Queen and Mutated Odur

The combinations for each ending are fairly simplistic. You will get the Blessing of Pure Blood ending by combining the two Pure Blood Cores, the Power of Vile Blood ending from any two of the three Vile Blood Cores, and the Harmonized Force ending from the two Fused Cores. The Chaotic Power ending is achieved from any combination that doesn't qualify for any of the conditions above, while the Power of Cleansing ending is earned from combining two Fused Cores and holding the forward movement input during the final cutscene to trigger a different outcome (via GameSpot).