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The Small Ghost Tera Form Detail Only True Pokemon Fans Caught

The next mainline entries in the "Pokemon" series are almost here. On November 18, aspiring Pokémon masters will get to explore the new region of Paldea and meet the next generation of pocket monsters with the release of "Pokemon Scarlet and Violet." In the lead-up to its release, fans have been getting plenty of hints, previews, and trailers that offer details of what to expect in the new games. Gamers have already gotten a look at the new starters for "Scarlet and Violet," which had everybody cracking jokes about their adorable designs. A completely new means of transportation was also revealed in the form of motorcycle-esque Legendaries Koraidon and Miraidon.


While there are plenty of changes and new features to look forward to in the next "Pokemon" games, it seems the devs are also mixing in Easter eggs and homages to what came before in the series — including some that embrace the spookier elements that have been with the franchise since the beginning. With the release of a new trailer detailing the competitive side of "Scarlet and Violet," players got a deeper look at the new Terastallizing mechanic, as well as some of the specific Tera Forms. In particular, the Ghost form was previewed and, for true old school fans of the franchise, it likely looked very familiar.

Ghost Type Tera Jewel is a reference to Pokemon Red and Blue

First revealed in August's "Pokemon" Presents, Terastallizing allows trainers to encase a pokemon in crystal, boosting its power and changing its type. While in its Tera Form, a Pokemon takes on a glimmering appearance and a Tera Jewel appears above it to signal its Tera Type. Fans had previously gotten a look at some of these Tera Jewels, including flowers for Grass Types and candles for Fire Types. Now, the latest trailer offers a look at the Ghost form of Tera Jewels.


As one might expect this Tera Jewel is, you guessed it, a ghost. However, this isn't just any ghost. Those who played "Pokemon" way back in the days of "Red" and "Blue" will recognize the design of the Tera Jewel ghost as being identical to the ghost that appears in the haunted Pokemon Tower in the original games.

Those who came later to the series may not know that catching Ghost Type Pokemon was particularly challenging in "Pokemon Red and Blue." They could only be seen after obtaining an item called a Silph Scope. Without this item, all Ghost Type Pokemon appeared as generic ghosts that could not be identified, battled, or caught. Now, this unidentified ghost is making a kind of return in the latest "Pokemon" game.


Fans quickly picked up on the reference and are loving the nod to the original games. Comments on the YouTube trailer praised the new Ghost form as a great throwback. Meanwhile, fans on the "Pokemon" Reddit have picked up on the reference in their own discussions of the new Tera Types.