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New Tales From The Borderlands - What We Know So Far

The next "Borderlands" game is arriving sooner than you think, but it isn't a sequel to "Borderlands 3." Instead, it's a sequel to Telltale's "Tales From the Borderlands," simply titled "New Tales From the Borderlands." The game's original leak had fans divided due to the fact that the developer of the first title isn't involved in the creation of this sequel. However, this may not be as big of an issue as fans originally thought, since it was revealed at Gamescom that some of the original storytellers and writers from the original "Tales" game have been brought onto the project. 


Now officially revealed, "New Tales From the Borderlands" is set to pick up where the first left off by offering even more of the wacky "Borderlands" humor and bombastic violence that fans have come to expect. Featuring an all-new cast of characters and, of course, some returning favorites, this is an entry that fans of the series will want to keep their eyes on. 

Is there a release date for New Tales From the Borderlands?

This fall will be pretty busy with plenty of new releases, and "New Tales From the Borderlands" is adding onto that list with an October 21 release date. With the title launching on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and even Nintendo Switch, anyone who wants to jump into more adventures in the Borderlands can easily do so. If you never played the first game, purchasing the Deluxe Edition of "New Tales From the Borderlands" will actually include a download for the first as well. 


Who can players expect to go on these adventures with? The three protagonists of the game are the scientist Anu and her brother Octavio, along with a vengeful waitress named Fran (per Xbox Wire). Now, with their homeworld of Promethea (a location featured within "Borderlands 3") being invaded by Tediore forces, these unlikely heroes will have to do their best to stay alive and somehow save the day. Here's what we know about their adventure so far.

Is there a trailer for New Tales From the Borderlands?

Presented at Gamescom, the official reveal trailer has given us our first look at the game. The trailer begins with a look at the somewhat normal lives the game's protagonists were leading before their planet was invaded, but we're then quickly thrown into the action as our heroes drive through billboards, are pursued by tentacles, and get threatened by walking, talking guns. There's plenty of signature "Borderlands" mayhem going on, and the new characters seem to fit right in. 


It's clear that the characters themselves will have some differences they need to settle along the way as well, thanks to Anu seemingly motivated by helping the universe while her brother is a bit more focused on a payday. With this title being a narrative-focused game like its predecessor, the choices that players make throughout the game will undoubtedly have an effect on these characters and their interactions as well.

What's the gameplay like in New Tales From the Borderlands?

If you've ever played a game from Telltale Games, such as "The Walking Dead" or "The Wolf Among Us," you'll be vastly familiar with the type of narrative-focused gameplay that will take place in "New Tales From the Borderlands." Players watch character interactions unfold and choose specific dialogue responses while occasionally making some bigger choices that can affect the outcome of the story. This narrative-driven approach is what made the first "Tales From the Borderlands" game such an interesting spin on the traditionally gun-fueled series, and critics have praised it for trying something different.


So no, you won't be looting and shooting quite like you normally would in other "Borderlands" games, but the story and the new trailer seem to boast plenty of excitement to satisfy one's craving for wacky violence. The reveal trailer doesn't show any specific player choices, but as the game gets closer to release, we can probably expect to see an example of gameplay in the near future.