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This One-Handed Elden Ring Run Must Be Seen To Be Believed

It's no secret that "Elden Ring" is a difficult game. Most players struggle with even the basic enemies while the main bosses tend to take multiple attempts to beat. This is a big part of the appeal of the titles made by developer FromSoftware. Players need to learn attack patterns, come up with strategies, and have near-perfect timing to overcome some of these obstacles, but there is a genuine sense of achievement when they finally do. It seems that this isn't the case for everyone though.

There are a handful of players out there who have mastered "Elden Ring" so thoroughly that they manage to pull off feats that are difficult to even comprehend for most gamers. There are speedrunners and those who choose to fight some of the more challenging bonus bosses, like the practically impossible Malenia, but there are also those who seek to add even more difficulty by imposing restrictions on themselves. Some have gone through the game naked without any sort of armor, and the Twitch streamer Seki managed to pull off a mind-blowing perfect run without taking a single point of damage. Now another streamer has come forward to show that she can beat the game in an unexpected way.

MissMikka beats Elden Ring one-handed

MissMikkaa is a Swedish variety streamer on Twitch. She focuses on single-player titles and challenge runs. Her most recent run got a lot of attention since she beat all of "Elden Ring" using only one hand. She posted about it on Twitter after triumphing over Malenia, who is widely considered to be the most difficult boss in the game. The post included a clip of Mikkaa defeating the Goddess of Rot, which also features a handcam showing a PS5 DualSense controller sitting on her desk while she operates it with just one hand. Meanwhile, her other hand is covered in what appears to be a sock to prevent her from using it.

A subsequent tweet shows her finally beating the game. "Killed Elden Beast and finished the All Remembrance (+ all hard bosses) one handed run!" the caption stated. "Actually got the last boss on the first attempt with my left hand (I'm right handed), pretty pog." It's amazing to learn that she not only beat the game one-handed, but that she also chose to add the challenge of using her non-dominant hand for the final boss and still managed to claim victory on the first try.

It seems MissMikkaa isn't one to rest on her laurels either. She is currently attempting to beat "Elden Ring" with no hands at all by using a dance pad to become the Elden Lord.