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Corpse Husband Fans Are Cracking Up Over These Misheard Lyrics

Corpse Husband is a unique internet content creator known for his deep voice and faceless persona. In addition, he's also known for not restricting himself to one content style. For example, Corpse has uploaded audio of him reading horror stories for his YouTube, streamed "Among us" with popular streamers such as Ludwig, and created a handful of songs. His songs have been a standout for many, with much of his music passing major milestones by any standard.


Although Corpse is not the first YouTuber-turned-musician, with YouTubers such as Joji coming before him, he is one of the most popular YouTube musicians. For example, his song "E-Girls Are Ruining My Life!" has amassed over 52 million views over the span of only two years.

But fans are loving Corpse Husband's nerdy new single "Misa Misa!," which has had a different response entirely. Specifically, fans are mishearing a certain lyric that changes the context of parts of the song, making for a hilarious mix-up that even Corpse has commented on.

Is the song about crackers or catgirls?

Corpse's new song "Misa Misa!" was uploaded just a few days but has already gotten over 500 thousand views on YouTube alone. But after listening to the song for the first time, many fans misheard an important lyric. Some heard one of Scarlxrd's verses as, "I'm a double cup, just got these crackers f****ing with me." In addition, Instagram Music censored the c-word in the song, leaving many to believe the word in question was indeed "cracker."


But according to Corpse, via deleted Tweets archived by @Corpse_Deleted, the correct lyrics are "I'm a dog but Corpse just got these catgirls f****ing with me." Of course, fans thought the mix-up was humorous, and even the artist responsible for the line, Scarlxrd, laughed about it on Twitter.

Many believed that Corpse didn't upload the lyrics beforehand, which caused the confusion. But Corpse wrote that he actually did send the correct lyrics as the song was uploaded. He then wrote, "Y'all got an inside man or what?" Joking that a Corpse fan was working at Instagram Music and changed the lyrics as a prank. 

But now that the lyrics have been cleared up and everyone has had a good laugh, fans can get back to listening to the song knowing the true lyrics. And despite the mix-up, fans are loving " "Misa Misa!", with even YouTuber Anthony Padilla praising the song.