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Hideo Kojima's Newest Teaser Has Fans Scrambling For Clues

With his trademark sense of dramatic flair, video game director Hideo Kojima once again has fans in a frenzy over a website with some cryptic teasing that could possibly be related to his next game. This may feel familiar to when fans went wild over Kojima's Instagram posts in late 2021, when he seemed to be teasing possible screenshots from his studio's next highly-anticipated title. 


As is typical for Kojima, however, one obscure tease often leads to another, and fans are often left with more questions than answers. Thanks to some allegedly leaked footage, we may already know what Kojima's mystery project is, but there's no way to be certain until the auteur confirms it. Kojima's latest official tease hasn't done much to clear things up either, as fans are currently speculating wildly about his next project.

Visiting Kojima Productions' mysterious website reveals nothing more than a photo of a person draped in shadow with the question, "Who am I?" largely imposed over their face. Other than that, there's not much left to go on. In other words, this is a classic tease from Hideo Kojima. Is Kojima Productions' newest webpage teasing a sequel to "Death Stranding?" Is it related to Kojima's big announcement of an upcoming Xbox project? And as asked in Kojima's new teaser: Who is the owner of that mysterious silhouette?


Fans think Elle Fanning is working with Kojima

However, just as Kojima has a reputation for incredibly vague teasers and promotional stunts for his games, fans have a knack for seemingly being able to parse the developer's increasingly layered mysteries. In a tweet, user José Mellinas might have managed to deduce the actress to whom the website's shrouded silhouette belongs: Elle Fanning. In a sequence of photos, Mellinas shows that the silhouette matches up fairly well with a similarly positioned headshot of the Hollywood actress. The replies to Mellinas' tweet seem to agree with this conclusion, especially since Kojima collaborator Norman Reedus has followed Fanning on Instagram.


Known for her roles in films such as "Maleficent" and "The Roads Not Taken," as well as the leading role in the Hulu series "The Great," working with Kojima Productions could be Fanning's first time acting within a video game if that is, in fact, what the website turns out to be teasing. 

Whatever the case, fans likely learn the identity of the website's unknown figure and more about Kojima's project in the coming months. As many will recall, the truth of "Death Stranding" was hidden for years before the game's release thanks to its unique and cinematic trailers. Whatever is revealed next, Kojima's next project will certainly be interesting to watch unfold.