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Everything The GTA 6 Leak Apparently Revealed About The Game's Combat

There has been a robust amount of speculation regarding the future of the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise, and fans everywhere have been wondering when the next title in the iconic series will drop. Luckily, they may have some answers to what is coming next, thanks to a leak that offers an intriguing glimpse of what "GTA 6" will look like.


The internet was caught off guard when footage of a new "Grand Theft Auto" game started being posted to forums. It was confirmed by Jason Scheirer that the 3GB file consisting of 90 videos that was released was legitimate, and ever since then, people can't stop talking about what's happening in the footage. The content shown is in the development stage and looks to have not yet been completed, but what viewers can see has caused quite a stir with fans. The setting appears to be Vice City, the Miami-esque fictional town gamers remember from the PS2 title of the same name. Instead of the 80s, this time around the game appears to be in a much bigger, modern setting with what seems to be two protagonists, one being male and the other female. But those aren't the only changes that have got people talking.


Out of all the things that gamers have noticed, there will most assuredly be some changes from the formula utilized in the last iteration and some new features that the franchise has not used before. The gameplay, regarding combat, looks to be getting some fascinating upgrades.

GTA 6 introduces new moves

Sometimes it becomes necessary to get down and dirty when rising the ranks in the criminal underworld. While many gamers like to go in guns blazing, sometimes it's good to be able to duck and cover in order to win. That's why crouching and going prone are vital to anyone's efforts to become a criminal kingpin, especially when it comes to fast-pace world of "GTA." Thankfully gamers will be able to do just as much during combat as the footage indicated that players would be able to get low if the situation arises where that becomes a necessity (via GamePur).


Crouching or crawling on the ground is on the menu this time around and players seem to be able to either hide or sneak around to avoid gunfire, but that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how combat is changing in "GTA 6." Gunplay will also look completely different.

Gunplay gets a serious upgrade

Gunplay has always been a crucial part of the "GTA" experience, and the sixth installment in the franchise looks to be getting a number of upgrades in this department. One simple feature shown in the leaked footage is that a gun can now apparently be switched between hands, allowing for some arguably awesome ambidextrous action when traversing the crime-ridden digital playground. And to add to the mayhem and chaos, if gamers see a weapon on the ground that they can't live without, they can pick it up off the floor and enjoy its many uses.


The footage also indicates that the firearm action while driving has taken things up a notch as well to now allow for the use of full-on assault rifles when mowing down targets on the go. That's right, when a vehicle moves, gamers are no longer limited to submachine guns or small arms when shooting at anyone or anything that gets in their way.

The gunfire and ballistic efforts are also worthwhile, and the game's physics regarding bullets seems to be much improved. Recoil accuracy has also been significantly elevated, further enhancing the user experience. 

The attention to detail from Rockstar is, as always, impressive, and the small things make big differences. The leaked footage does indicate that "GTA 6" is looking to change things up to offer longtime fans a fresh take on the series.