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Massive Mistake Reveals TheRealInsider's Real Identity

The leaking of news has long been a part of the video game industry and gaming media. Fans are always eager to learn the latest info on upcoming projects they care about and few people can resist the allure of a secret. While game developers and publishers struggle to control the flow of information and ensure that they get to make the big announcements themselves, there are always people who will try to get access to and reveal details ahead of time for popularity, clout, or simply for the thrill.

Just recently, developer Rockstar was hit with a massive "GTA 6" leak that had fans losing their minds. Revealing details about everything from the game's setting to its combat system, the hacker behind the leak has earned themselves a five star wanted level with the authorities. This isn't the first time something like this has happened for Rockstar and now "Diablo 4" has experienced leaks of its own.

Now, in yet more big news about gaming leaks this week, it seems the identity of a prolific leaker has been revealed, thanks to a massive mistake by the leaker himself. A moment of carelessness on Twitter has revealed that the leaker known as TheRealInsider is none other than gaming YouTuber DanAllenGaming. TheRealInsider, who made a name for himself by leaking Ubisoft's current "Assassin's Creed" projects (per TheGamer) slipped up when he forgot which Twitter account he was using to respond to comments. 

Dan Allen Gaming is TheRealInsider

DanAllenGaming seems to have slipped up when he responded to a Twitter comment directed at TheRealInsider while still logged into his official account. While both the DanAllenGaming and TheRealInsider Twitter accounts were quickly deleted, Twitter user Knjgamer managed to grab and post screenshots, which got the internet buzzing. The DanAllenGaming YouTube channel remained up but the streamer appeared inactive. 

Since then, DanAllenGaming has officially confirmed that he was TheRealInsider in an apology he tweeted before deleting his account. While the tweet is no longer visible, Eurogamer preserved the text of it, in which DanAllenGaming expressed sorrow and regret while apologizing to his fans and supporters. Separately, he issued a statement to Insider Gaming saying the incident is the "biggest mistake I've made and I'm utterly ashamed and remorseful."

It seems DanAllenGaming was able to use his status as a gaming YouTuber to get advanced access to info about upcoming games and then release that info as TheRealInsider. As commenters on Twitter have noted, this would likely be a violation of nondisclosure agreements he would have signed with publishers and could open him up to lawsuits in the future. Some fellow streamers echoed these thoughts and expressed disappointment that DanAllenGaming would betray the trust publishers bestow on journalists and streamers. 

It remains to be seen if DanAllenGaming will continue streaming in the future and how Ubisoft and other developers will respond to these revelations.