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How To Super Jump In Splatoon 3

The "Splatoon" games might have a kid-friendly and cartoonish aesthetic, but beneath the adorable veneer of brightly colored inky fun lies a game series that can actually be quite challenging. "Splatoon 3" has been continuing this trend, exceeding all expectations with record sales and early reviews that praise the way it refines almost everything that made the previous games in the series great. 

"Splatoon 3" features several different gameplay modes for players to enjoy, including the brand new Salmon Run which allows them to face off against a bunch of new enemy types and a massive bonus boss. Other modes involve facing off against other players in PvP. Those who want to do well in this multiplayer crucible are going to want to ensure that they have every tool they can acquire. 

There are several tricks and maneuvers that the Inklings can perform as players battle across the Splatlands. One of the most important of these is the Super Jump. This simple ability can help players stay a part of the battle, even when they find themselves on an isolated portion of the map. The game doesn't do a great job teaching players how to actually do it, though.

Super Jump is activated through the map

To activate the Super Jump, players must open the map by pressing X while in multiplayer mode. This will reveal a bunch of arrows that let players know where their teammates are located on the battlefield. Each of these arrows is labeled with a banner displaying their teammate's names, portraits and a picture of a d-pad. Each of the top three directions on the d-pad will be assigned to a teammate, while "down" will be assigned to the map's Spawn Point. Players can use these quick-select buttons to move immediately to their teammate's side (or the spawn point). Otherwise, players can use the reticle to select an alternate landing zone anywhere else on the map.

Players who wish to use Super Jump should do so with caution, however. Jumping when there are enemies nearby or jumping too close to a group of enemies can be a death sentence. Make sure to only jump to safe and open areas. This can be tricky, since enemy players do not show up on the map. The best way to know where they are is by looking closely at the ink. Landing in an area covered in the player's own team's ink color is much safer than landing in enemy territory. 

Despite the risk, learning to Super Jump safely is vital for keeping players in the action and making sure their teammates aren't fighting alone.