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Dream's Face Reveal Was Huge For Ludwig, Too

Dream's long-anticipated face reveal video marked a major occasion not just for himself, but for fellow gaming and variety YouTuber Ludwig Ahgren as well. The beginning of October saw the ultra-popular YouTuber known for his distinct anonymous persona and "Minecraft" speedrunning videos finally revealing his true identity and appearance to the world. The content creator built up the anticipation by video calling several of his fellow streamers and creators and revealing his face to them a day earlier, with many posting stunned reactions to what they witnessed. When October 2 finally rolled around, the anticipation was through the roof for the full reveal, and the hype delivered. Dream's face reveal blew the internet away, amassing over 28 million views within the following 48 hours.

As it happens, one of the many people who watched the initial premiere of Dream's face reveal was none other than Ludwig, as the creator hosted a roughly two-hour-long watch party livestream for him and his subscribers to react together. The occasion also marked an unprecedented milestone for the streamer — and it's not just that he finally saw Dream's face.

Ludwig broke his concurrent viewer count record

Ludwig's decision to livestream his reaction to Dream's big face reveal paid off in a major way, as the YouTuber managed to surpass his previous all-time record of concurrent viewers. In the time leading up to the premiere of Dream's reveal video, Ludwig noticed that his audience count had topped out at a whopping number of over 150,000 live watchers.

"Is this gonna be my most viewed stream, looking at the face of a Minecrafter?" Ludwig laughed on-stream. "What the f*** has my career become?"

As the creator explained, his peak viewership for the stream was a mild step up from his previous all-time record live audience of roughly 145,000. That milestone was set during one of his high-production Mogul Money Live streams, a game show event hosted by Ludwig that features other popular creators like Pokimane and Sykkuno as contestants. Whether his reaction to Dream's reveal remains his most-watched stream in the long term remains to be seen, as the creator is generally known for ambitious content ideas, such as when he purposefully got suspended from YouTube in record time, or when he streamed non-stop for an entire month (via Kotaku). Still, a viewer count 150,000 is pretty tough to beat.

"Thank you all for watching today," Ludwig said in the final minutes of the face reveal stream. "Crazy that I beat my viewership record. Genuinely crazy."