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Corpse Husband And MrBeast Team Up For An Unexpected Release

Popular YouTuber MrBeast is largely known for his videos featuring various activities and stunts and for his philanthropy. In addition to staging big events and giving away money to good causes, however, he also has a passion for food. In 2020, MrBeast launched MrBeast Burger, a fast food ghost kitchen chain that's seen its popularity skyrocket over the last couple years. Back in September, he even took things to the next level by opening a physical location for dine-in service. Further, he's also started his own line of candy bars with the Feastables line of snacks.

These bars come in a variety of flavors, from simple chocolate to chocolate with quinoa or chocolate with sea salt. And now, MrBeast is teaming up with fellow YouTuber Corpse Husband to bring fans another variety. In a tweet this week, the official Feastables account announced the unexpected collaboration, as well as a giveaway to celebrate it.

Feast on white chocolate and cookie chunks with the Corpse Bar

Just in time for Halloween, MrBeast and Corpse Husband are teaming up to bring fans a spooky treat with the Corpse Bar. Featuring white chocolate with a blood red color and bits of cookie, the new candy bar also bears a cartoon image of the YouTuber himself. According to the Feastables website, the Corpse Bar is a "milky, crunchy, dangerously tasty snack."

The new bar is a limited edition item and is only available to buy in boxes of ten bars each. However, each box purchased will also earn fans an entry to a raffle for a Corpse Husband hoodie. 25 winners will be drawn in total.

With Corpse Husband largely absent from YouTube lately — which even prompted his friend Valkyrae to provide fans an update assuring them he's alright — many will likely be glad to see him collaborating with other creators again. While he hasn't made any statement on Twitter or YouTube yet, Corpse's unmistakable avatar is prominent on the bar's packaging and MrBeast is clearly crediting Corpse Husband as a partner in the project. In the meantime, fans can enjoy Corpse Husband's latest forays into music, including his new single, "MISA MISA!," which is bursting with nerd cred.

Seeing as this is a limited edition item, fans will want to pick up some boxes as soon as possible to be sure they don't miss it. At $29.99 for ten bars, they may be a bit too pricey to hand out to trick-or-treaters, but they should be a good addition to someone's private stash.