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Sykkuno Thinks Other Streamers Hated Him And Valkyrae At TwitchCon

At one point in time, Twitch seemed like the only game in town when it came to live streaming, despite other services' attempts to rise to the top. Twitch once held a firm grasp on the streaming scene, but YouTube Gaming has steadily risen as a viable alternative – even looking better than Twitch in some instances — and has managed to attract some of Twitch's most recognizable stars, such as Sykkuno and Valkyrae, among many others.

Despite leaving Twitch's platform after a heartfelt final stream, Sykkuno was present at the 2022 edition of TwitchCon, along with Valkyrae who also streams on YouTube. After its commencement, TwitchCon turned into an unmitigated disaster — especially considering Adriana Chechik's severe injury while playing in a foam pit at the convention, an injury bad enough that she had to undergo surgery. Other incidents, such as xQc's alleged harassment also soured the event. But Sykkuno and Valkyrae's experience was particularly bizarre.

Sykkuno says that other streamers were not pleased with his and Valkyrae's presence

In a recent stream on October 11, Sykkuno talked about the controversy surrounding TwitchCon, its management, and his personal experience while attending the event. Though the streamer seemed excited to be there despite not being with Twitch anymore, Sykkuno claims that he and Valkyrae weren't necessarily welcomed with open arms. According to Sykkuno, he was "kicked out" of the event on the first day. Thanks to Twitch streamer Natsumiii, he was granted access on the second day so he could attend her meet-and-greet. But that's when things began to go downhill even more.

While attending Natsumiii's meet-and-greet, Sykkuno and Valkyrae's presence seemed to attract people that were lined up to meet Natsumiii. This apparently angered some of the people in charge of TwitchCon. "[O]n the second day was Wendy's [Natsumiii's] meet-and-greet ... and this is where it went really, really bad," Sykkuno told his audience. "Me, [Valkyrae], and Leslie basically all walked out and got in Wendy's thing. And all the other lines were like 'Oh my god, is that Valkyrae?' And people abandoned their streamers' line to get in line to meet Rae. And it was bad. I feel like the other streamers just hated us."

As Sykkuno described, other streamers at TwitchCon were none too pleased that he and Valkyrae showing up disrupted their meet-and-greets which caused tension. While he seemed genuinely embarrassed by the situation, Sykkuno would not allow others to blame Valkyrae for the situation and instead pinned it on fickle fans.