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Dream And Technoblade's Dad Team Up For Cancer Awareness

The gaming world suffered a hard loss when it was announced on June 30 that popular "Minecraft" YouTuber Technoblade had died at the age of 23. Technoblade's passing came almost a year after he was diagnosed with metastatic sarcoma, a cancer that can occur in the body's connective tissue (via Mayo Clinic). News of Technoblade's death sent shockwaves through the internet, and many tributes to the content creator popped up, including one in "Minecraft" itself. Now, fellow YouTuber Dream and Technoblade's father have joined forces to honor Technoblade and increase cancer awareness.


On October 18, Dream streamed live under the title "Remembering Technoblade." During the segment, he and Technoblade's dad reminisced about the late YouTuber and the impact his content had on his audience. Topics of discussion ranged from Dream and Technoblade starting as "rivals" before gradually becoming close friends, all the way to Technoblade's father disclosing that the YouTuber planned on doing a face reveal — much like Dream recently did — at some point (via Dexerto). During the video, viewers had the opportunity to donate to the Sarcoma Foundation of America for the purpose of cancer research. 

Dream and Technoblade's dad raise thousands for cancer research

At the time of this writing, the "Remembering Technoblade" fundraiser had generated over $48,000 in donations for the SFA. Towards the end of their live discussion, a tearful TechnoDad (as he's affectionately called) opened up about how much Technoblade's fans have done for cancer research in the aftermath of his death and what the content creator meant to them.


"I knew that Techno had quite an audience," Technoblade's dad said. "What I didn't understand, and what I kinda still don't understand, is how ... it kinda seems like he really meant a lot to people in a way that has nothing to do with PvP or funny jokes." He shared that many people had mentioned how "Technoblade got [them] through a hard time in [their] life."

The reaction to the livestream between Dream and Technoblade's father has been massive. In less than 24 hours, the video garnered over 2.5 million views. On other social media platforms, many made positive remarks about the interaction. "Thank you to Technoblade's dad for sharing those stories with us," tweeted technotwtnews. "Thank you for letting us know him better and love him more." On Reddit, users talked about how much of an emotional experience the livestream was.


Anyone who wishes to make a donation to the SFA can do so on the foundation's official website.