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Naughty Dog Listings Suggest Free-To-Play The Last Of Us Multiplayer

When "The Last of Us Part 2" was released without a multiplayer mode, many fans were disappointed. After all, the Factions multiplayer mode of the original was well-loved by some players, even though the 2022 remake of the first game excluded it. However, Naughty Dog has been beefing up staff for a big multiplayer project since 2019, and new job listings from the company may have confirmed some rumors that have been going around about the sequel to Factions mode.


A position for a Live Ops Producer is currently listed on Naughty Dog's website. The notable parts about the listing include the idea that the role needs to "support a multi-faceted games-as-a-service title" and "experience ... supporting a AAA, free to play, live title." Additionally, this role is specific to the company's upcoming multiplayer title, which is more than likely "The Last of Us Part 2" multiplayer game, as Reddit user u/JadedDarkness pointed out.

This listing would match up with previous information about an upcoming multiplayer mode. In 2021, voice lines, maps, and items were discovered in "The Last of Us Part 2" which pointed toward the lost multiplayer mode being a battle royale. Earlier this year, fans found out that "The Last of Us Part 2" multiplayer may not be what was expected, as insiders hinted that the game would be a standalone, live-service game. Later, fans were shown information that confirmed that the game had become so much more than a simple multiplayer mode. With this new information, gamers aren't sure what to think.


Fans are conflicted

Many took the job description's preferred skills as confirmation that the game will be free-to-play, and fans were on the fence about the idea. Reddit user u/Severe-Committee6240 pointed out that the ambitions, combined with the budget for the game, are exciting, and the dozens of upvotes on the comment showed that many people feel the same. Others were excited about the potential of an improved Factions mode, which u/EchoBay argued could make the game one of the best multiplayer games to date.


Some fans were skeptical about expensive cosmetics, pay-to-win features, and frustrating battle passes. Others noted that other franchises have been badly adapted to free-to-play titles in the past – such as the "Halo" series and the "Gran Turismo" games – and expressed concern over what this may do to "The Last of Us" series.

While there hasn't been any release date announced for the multiplayer game, "The Last of Us" fans can enjoy the remake of the original game, which was released on Sept. 2, 2022. There's also the upcoming HBO show "The Last of Us," which some assume will be released in the early part of 2023.