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The Stunning Evolution Of Corpse Husband

Despite a reputation as an open and honest person, Corpse Husband remains one of the most mysterious creators on YouTube. Corpse's channel has almost 8 million subscribers, and he has worked on developing that fanbase for over five years. He began his YouTube career narrating the internet's scariest stories, all of which took on an even more sinister tinge thanks to his iconic gravelly voice.

Years of storytelling gave Corpse a kind of cult following, but then his "Among Us" streams with personalities like PewDiePie, Dream, Valkyrae, and MrBeast skyrocketed him to internet superstardom. Corpse has admitted to having a complicated relationship with his newfound fame, especially because he persists as one of the only popular streamers yet to reveal their faces. Still, fame has opened doors to a music career and acting opportunities that he may not have had access to otherwise.

Throughout his journey, Corpse has shared with his fans about almost everything. They know about his greatest successes and the most tragic details of his life, but are still in the dark about his true identity. Even without knowing what he looks like, Corpse Husband's evolution has unearthed many remarkable facets of his life over the years.

Nobody knows what he does for a living

Creating a successful YouTube channel requires a great deal of labor. Content creation is a full-time job, and between the countless hours that go into making videos and all the effort it takes to learn how to use cameras, recording equipment, and editing software, being a YouTuber tends to take over a person's life. Corpse Husband's career has proven no exception, but he's managed to compartmentalize his YouTube work to the point that most individuals familiar with him in real life have no idea what he does for a living.

Corpse told Anthony Padilla that he's put a ton of effort into keeping his YouTube career a secret, but he also said, "I've had a lot of weird situations come of that." Corpse does all of his YouTube work from his apartment, meaning that he keeps an entire room off limits when friends visit. On top of that, he has no easy explanation for where he gets his income, which can result in all sorts of fraught conversations. "I just come off sketchy to everybody," Corpse joked in the interview.

While humorous aspects have resulted from Corpse's secrecy, keeping a whole part of his life hidden has also caused some problems for him personally. Later in the interview, Corpse admitted that he has almost no social life because he's so concerned with keeping his YouTube and IRL identities separate from each other.

Mykie was the first YouTuber to see Corpse's face

Unfortunately for Corpse Husband, he has to keep more than just his "real life" companions in the dark. Over the years, he's made plenty of friends through YouTube, but even with other content creators, Corpse doesn't let his guard down and hardly ever reveals his identity. When he plays games with other YouTubers and streamers, Corpse never uses a camera, and he doesn't get together with his internet friends all that often.

In a 2020 interview, Corpse identified Mykie as the first person from YouTube he revealed his face to. At the time, she was just about the only individual who had ever seen his full face. Even Corpse's interviewer, Anthony Padilla, didn't really know what he looked like because Corpse kept a mask on over part of his face for the entire conversation.

Times change, and even though Corpse remains as dedicated as ever to keeping his identity a secret from the internet at large, he has opened up and connected with more of his YouTube friends. In recent years, he has collaborated with people like MrBeast, and in 2021 he finally met Valkyrae in person. Despite his persistent elusiveness, getting more involved with his online acquaintances has helped him build his own sense of community.

He dropped out of school at the age of 12

At this point, multiple individuals have demonstrated that you don't necessarily need a traditional education to become a huge success online. MrBeast famously dropped out of college to pursue content creation full-time well before he blew up and earned enough from his YouTube channel to make a living. To a certain extent, Corpse Husband has proven that you don't even need that much formal education to become a YouTube star. Corpse dropped out of school when he was 12-years-old, and though the decision must have come at a volatile time in his life, nowadays he jokes about it on Twitter while also encouraging his fans not to follow in his footsteps.

Corpse has no problem laughing at himself – or his bad handwriting – but thinking back to his schoolyard days still brings up painful memories for him. In an interview, Corpse opened up about the experience, saying, "My teachers all said I would be nothing, and all my friends thought I was a drug dealer, and everybody thinks I just dropped off the face of the planet." He said that sometimes he wishes he could show all the people who knew him as a kid what he's made of himself as an adult. There may be no going back, but Corpse's future looks brighter than ever.

Corpse is a popular musician

It's not uncommon for YouTubers to try something new after they gain a sizable following, but few predicted Corpse Husband's transformation into rap superstar. When Corpse started releasing his own music, he didn't make a big deal out of it. In fact, after scrolling through the videos on his main channel, it'd be easy to come away with no idea that he's a musician. All of his tracks get dropped on a spin-off channel just called CORPSE, but despite being separated from the bulk of Corpse's following, his music channel has grown exponentially.

In about two and a half years, Corpse's music channel has picked up nearly 3 million subscribers, and his songs often get more views than the videos he's become known for creating. Tracks like "MISS YOU" and "CAT GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!" easily topped 10 million views, and his song "agoraphobic" pulled more than 43 million views. Corpse keeps his fans updated on his music career primarily via Twitter, where he also announced in May 2022 that his song "E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!" had become his first platinum record. That's not bad for someone who's only officially been in the music business for less than half a decade, and his fans can't wait to see what comes next.

The internet can make his life pretty unpleasant

YouTube stardom has its perks, but for Corpse Husband, fame has been a mixed blessing at best. He has openly talked about how he almost never leaves his house anymore, in part because of constant worries that someone will recognize his voice and expose his identity to the world. Hiding his identity online makes Corpse more comfortable creating content, but the size of his following makes living his life outside of his apartment a risky proposition.

Just because the outside world can be uncomfortable for Corpse doesn't mean that his life online is always the better option. He told Anthony Padilla all about the kinds of online fan interactions that can make him feel unnerved or wish his channel never blew up the way it did. "They'll think I'm not like a real person," he said, and because of that, some fans have no qualms about sending him lengthy emails, often filled with explicit details or stories that they say are inspired by his voice. Every YouTuber faces some degree of harassment from their fans and detractors, but Corpse's hidden identity makes it even easier for people to treat him like an inhuman source of entertainment.

A medical condition affects Corpse's voice

Corpse Husband's voice is his defining feature, and not just because he never shows his face on camera. His deep, raspy bass makes him such a compelling narrator of scary stories and is also what makes him rapping about t-shirts stand out from a crowded field of internet musicians. Corpse's voice has played a huge role in boosting his popularity, but it's also inspired endless speculation online. Some people think he "uses a voice changer" to artificially deepen his voice for a spookier effect. Others think his voice is real but that he's been "exaggerating" the sound of it over the years to keep people engaged.

The truth is more complicated than what online commenters might expect. Corpse cleared up the rumors about his voice in a 2021 interview, saying, "I do have a medical condition, and it does contribute to my voice, but not as much as everybody says it does." Corpse's voice has always been naturally deep and raspy, but the reason it sounds so much more intense now than it did when he first began his career is because he's developed a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD. That means sometimes Corpse's stomach acid makes its way into his esophagus, and the damage it does has had a small effect on his voice (via Mayo Clinic). The condition isn't all that dangerous, so fans don't need to worry about Corpse losing his iconic rasp at some point in the future.

He blew up because of Among Us

Anyone who didn't learn about Corpse Husband by listening to his horror story narrations probably discovered him through "Among Us." Starting in 2020, Corpse began joining some of the biggest content creators in the world – people like PewDiePie, Valkyrae, LilyPichu, and Disguised Toast – in lengthy "Among Us" sessions. According to Corpse, it all began when he got a message from a friend on Discord asking if he wanted to play a game with PewDiePie on stream. He said yes, and that answer changed his life forever.

By November 2020, Corpse's channel had skyrocketed to 5 million subscribers, which he celebrated on Twitter saying, "I'm endlessly grateful and will keep trying my absolute best." His "Among Us" games put Corpse in front of an entirely new audience, and all the attention he received certainly opened new doors for his career, but it also brought a new source of stress into his life. 

Shortly before hitting 5 million subscribers, Corpse said on Twitter that he'd love to have a conversation with Billie Eilish to ask how "she coped with coming up so quick because this s*** is hell behind the scenes." He's learned how to manage the situation by taking time away from his channel when he needs it and focusing his energy on projects that he's really passionate about, like his music, rather than trying to chase the interests of his new audience.

Corpse's arms don't fully function anymore

Corpse Husband's anxiety and fears about his identity being discovered sometimes get in the way of him connecting with friends, fellow content creators, and fans, but unfortunately that's not all he has to contend with. Occasionally, his life and the work that he does is interrupted by chronic illness, which is something that his fans had little idea about until he made a post in December 2020.

"For those of you who don't know, I'm chronically ill, & have been for years. I'm in pain every single day. It's something that I constantly try to overcome, but sometimes it just gets too overwhelming," he said on Twitter. Of course, Corpse is an incredibly private person, so he didn't say anything more about his illness, and fans were left wondering about it for quite some time.

In 2021, Corpse did a lengthy interview – a rarity for him – with Anthony Padilla, and in it he shed some light on the illness that sometimes forces him to take a step back from his work. Corpse didn't name his condition, but he said that it affects his ability to move his arms off-and-on and almost constantly causes him pain and discomfort. His doctors did a nerve conduction study and told Corpse that the problems he's having are incurable. "I'm mourning ever having a normal, healthy, functional life again," he said.

He released a chocolate bar with MrBeast

Like any YouTuber, Corpse Husband makes some of his income selling merch, and from time to time he excites his fans by collaborating with another artist or creator. Corpse's official merch site only opens when he has new products to offer, and that's caused some confusion for fans from time to time. There are plenty of knock-off sites out there, but when Corpse drops something real, fans know it's going to be good.

In October 2022, Corpse got to offer his fans an unconventional piece of memorabilia by partnering with one of YouTube's biggest stars. He teamed up with MrBeast's chocolate company, Feastables, to release the Corpse Bar, a cookies and cream candy that's dyed blood red to match Corpse's dark persona. MrBeast announced the collaboration on Twitter, and fans quickly bought multiple boxes at a time, partly in the hopes of winning an exclusive hoodie tied to the bar's launch.

Corpse doesn't often release new products, but he's begun regularly collaborating with multiple people on exciting projects. In 2021, Corpse and Machine Gun Kelly worked together to release the song "Daywalker!" and in early 2022 Corpse and T-Pain had fans going wild when they hinted at a collaboration on an episode of OTK's show "Schooled." Between product releases and new songs, it's anyone's guess who Corpse will work with next.

Corpse Husband is a voice actor

A quick look at Corpse Husband's YouTube channel reveals that he doesn't post videos nearly as often as he used to. That might lead some of his fans to believe that he's taking things easy, but in reality Corpse is working harder than ever. It's just that now his work takes him away from YouTube more frequently than it used to. Between building a solid music career and releasing new products with people like MrBeast, Corpse would have more than enough on his plate, but he's also taken on some acting roles in recent years. 

Corpse started doing voice acting work in 2020, and so far he's appeared in half a dozen different series (via IMDB). Some of those roles had him working on original projects with other YouTubers, like CoryxKenshin and Dream, but others had him doing official voiceover work. In February 2022, Corpse announced his first anime role: "voicing Ojiro in the English dub for 'Tribe Nine.'" Corpse's voice acting career is still in its infancy, but with a voice as iconic as his, there's endless opportunities for him to bring new characters to life.

He's not quitting yet

Corpse Husband's infrequent posts and openness about the stress of being a YouTube star has left some worried that he'll leave internet life behind for good. In 2021, some comments Corpse made about his relationship to YouTube and his growing music career led outlets like Essentially Sports to report that he was considering retiring. Enough buzz accumulated about Corpse's retirement that he needed to clarify the issue.

"I was talking about how I realistically see the longer term. I'm not imminently quitting anything," he wrote on Twitter. That may be true of Corpse's work on YouTube but not every online platform. Corpse made a brief foray into live streaming, but he stated that it made him so stressed out he has no interest in giving it another shot (via Dexerto). That said, YouTube is Corpse's first home online, and though he's too busy with acting, songwriting, and collaborating with new partners to make videos on a regular basis, he's not going away anytime soon.