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The Truth About Corpse And Machine Gun Kelly's Relationship

Over the past year, streamer and YouTube Corpse Husband rose to fame and fortune by earning a legion of dedicated fans. Corpse's deep voice, honesty about personal struggles, and refusal to show his face keep fans interested in his every move, and now there's a new music collaboration for them to enjoy.


Recently, fans discovered that Corpse and rapper Machine Gun Kelly were creating music together. Now, their song "Daywalker!" has arrived to mass approval, and fans are left wondering how the two musicians met each other and began collaborating.

Though not much is known about how Corpse and Machine Gun Kelly interacted behind the scenes, their relationship has slowly unfolded on social media and in public. "Daywalker!" has inspired people to dig through Corpse and Machine Gun Kelly's history in order to find out more about why the two might have chosen to collaborate, how they announced their song, and what fans think of the entire ordeal.

Machine Gun Kelly and Corpse are an unexpected, but not unlikely, collab

Machine Gun Kelly originally began his music career as a rapper, but more recently he has dabbled in pop-punk and rock music. As noted by Vulture, Machine Gun Kelly's 2020 album, "Tickets to My Downfall (produced by Travis Barker of Blink-182), leans heavily towards pop-punk, and features significantly less rapping than his previous work.


As for Corpse, his music serves as a reflection of his insulated lifestyle. On one stream, Corpse said that he recorded "Agoraphobic," and all his music, in his room. He emphasized that he creates all his music himself, which irritates record labels who have a specific way they like to do things. In a separate stream, Corpse mentioned to fellow streamer Sykkuno that he was working on a song that required screaming.

Both artists found popularity and a solid fanbase while also refusing to fit genre and music industry conventions. While their collaboration wasn't an inevitable conclusion, it's not the most unlikely thing to ever happen.

Corpse and Machine Gun Kelly helped hype each other on Twitter

Machine Gun Kelly and Corpse Husband worked to promote their song on Twitter before the collaboration was even officially announced. In late December 2020, a fan tweeted a screenshot of Corpse's DMs, which the faceless streamer had earlier had posted to his Instagram stories.


The DMs from Machine Gun Kelly seemed to praise Corpse, and expressed shock that the popular streamer had answered. Machine Gun Kelly tweeted, "Yea be ready to fight," in response to the picture, and Corpse Husband replied with a bat emoji and exclamation point. This interaction sent fans into a frenzy of speculation about what kind of project the two would be working on. Since the two had been in each other's DMs for a while, the result had to be good.

One fan tweeted a clip from one of Corpse's streams, where he proclaimed his love for Machine Gun Kelly. "MGK fan? Always MGK fan. I know everything about that man ... I'm talking, he was one of the first rappers I ever listened to when I was a kid, like, well, when I was a teenager rather," Corpse said in the clip. 


Together, the pair sent fans into a collective hype spiral in anticipation of the new collab.

Will Corpse and Machine Gun Kelly make a music video?

On March 11, 2021, Machine Gun Kelly tweeted a short video of himself showing off a bloody hand. The caption on the tweet read, "music video tomorrow." In the four-second video, Machine Gun Kelly said, "It just seems so, like, real," as blood dripped off his hand. The comment suggested that the blood was fake, no matter how real it looked. Corpse responded to the tweet with a black heart emoji and a blood emoji.


The duo posted "Daywalker!" to YouTube, but the released video is relatively simple, featuring a still image of a pair of teeth sitting in a pool of blood. The illustration seemingly refers to a lyric in the song: "And I see somebody talkin' with the mouth that's full of teeth/I wanna break." 

However, Machine Gun Kelly's prior tweet would seem to indicate that there's an actual music video forthcoming, which has Corpse's fans buzzing. One fan wondered if Corpse Husband would be wearing a mask in the video. Another fan speculated that fans might get a new "Corpse outfit" in the video. Fans have only seen Corpse's body in limited ways, and even then only in a couple of outfits. Who knows what a highly produced music video might entail.


Fans love Corpse and Machine Gun Kelly's "Daywalker!"

Fans immediately responded to "Daywalker!" with fanart, memes, and lots of love. One fan tweeted artwork of Machine Gun Kelly and Corpse, tastefully illustrating shaggy bangs over Corpse's face. Another piece of artwork imagined Corpse and Machine Gun Kelly as vampires in a post-apocalyptic world, which makes sense considering the name "Daywalker!" Clearly, even if the pair aren't close friends in real life, fans have already imagined universes where they are.


One of Corpse's friends even joined in on the fun. Dream, who often plays Among Us with Corpse, listened to the new single. Fans posted the screenshots and details about when he listened to the song on an account dedicated to the music Dream listens to.

Other listeners pointed out that one line in "Daywalker!" felt familiar. Twice throughout the song Corpse and Machine Gun Kelly sing, "I wanna know if I tell you a secret will you keep it," which led one fan to think of Pretty Little Liars — and make a meme juxtaposing Corpse's bunny mask of a promotional photo for the show.

Needless to say, the fans loved the surprise song from Corpse and Machine Gun Kelly, and hope for more collaboration in the future.