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The Star Wars Easter Egg You Might Have Missed In Goat Simulator 3

Ridiculous animal mayhem is back with "Goat Simulator 3." The new open-world, action game has players thoroughly exploring its sandbox as the titular farm animal to see just how much chaos they can cause and what hidden jokes they can unlock. In just a few days, players have already discovered a humorous "Star Wars" Easter egg and, thanks to a vial TikTok, one fan has shared it with the rest of the "Goat Simulator" community.


In new TikTok and YouTube posts, user xGarbett reveals a way to play a recognizable bit of "Star Wars" music in the game and even earn an item clearly inspired by the franchise. To do so, players must make their way to the cemetery and climb to the top of a church's belltower. Once there, they will find three bells that, when headbutted, will produce notes that sound suspiciously like John Williams' "Imperial March" from "Star Wars." 

The "Star Wars"-inspired fun doesn't stop there, though. Here is what happens if you stumble upon this Easter egg in "Goat Simulator 3."

The Goat falls to the Dark Side and earns a lightsaber

Nailing the particular "Star Wars" tune will complete a secret quest entitled "Imperial Mausoleum: Dark Side of the Tune." This will unlock a literal mausoleum across the way from the bell tower. Inside, players will find the Darksaber 2.0, which is clearly the game's interpretation of the classic double-sided lightsaber (albeit with a few extra blades). While it doesn't behave like a true lightsaber (it appears to send foes flying like ragdolls, rather than cutting them), it is a cool item to have and a hilarious secret for science fiction fans to uncover.


It may not be one of the worst things "Goat Simulator 3" has made players do, but having the Goat play a song celebrating the Empire, fall to the Dark Side, and whack people with a lightsaber is pretty wild. It's secrets like this and the recently discovered tribute to "P.T." that have helped the newest "Goat Simulator" win over critics and make the game a bit of a sleeper hit like its predecessor. For those who enjoy absurd action with lots of humor and more than a few secrets, "Goat Simulator 3" is well worth your time.