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God Of War Ragnarok Boss Would Love To Resurrect Castlevania

The release of "God of War Ragnarok" has ended Kratos' adventures in the land of Norse mythology. While a certain boss seems to tease another entry in the series, the official word is that this particular arc would only be two games, and the team at Santa Monica Studio is moving on to something new. What that new game will be is anybody's guess, but, if "God of War Ragnarok" director Eric Williams gets his way, it could be a resurrection of the "Castlevania" series.

While appearing on the "Kinda Funny Games" podcast on November 21, Williams discussed the development of the latest "God of War," his thoughts on how the story wrapped up, and, at the very end of the interview, playfully dropped in a hint about what he'd like to work on next if he had the opportunity. While this is far from any sort of definitive declaration about future plans, it does seem to be a sincere expression of William's appreciation for the series and his aspirations for his future as a game director.

'We would love to make' a Castlevania game

After an extended interview with "Kinda Funny Games," Williams responded to a question about the possibility of "God of War Ragnarok" DLC by explaining that it was unlikely, considering how massive the game already was. This prompted a joke from the hosts that Williams should just take a well-deserved break and go play some "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night." While this was plainly meant to be a tongue-in-cheek statement and the specific game referenced seemed to have been chosen spur of the moment, Williams quickly jumped at the chance to voice his interest in working on the series.

"I don't know what I'm doing next, but if someone gets me that 'Castlevania' license, we would love to make that," Williams stated to shocked gasps and claps from the hosts. He also hinted that he hoped fans could be convinced to support such a game and get the ball rolling on the project. There were also some nervous giggles from Williams after this statement and an admission that he, perhaps, said too much publicly about this aspiration.

Whether he spoke too soon or not, it does seem to be a serious dream for the Santa Monica Studios director and, if his use of the word "we" can be believed, others on his team. Ultimately, such a decision would be up to Konami, which owns "Castlevania" and hasn't released a game in the series since "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2" in 2014. Still, with the publisher recently revealing its revival of the "Silent Hill" series, it's possible that it could be convinced to give the developer behind such a critically acclaimed game a shot at another of its major franchises.