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We Can't Get Over This Midnight Suns Romance

"Marvel's Midnight Suns," a Marvel video game featuring a variety of the universe's most powerful heroes, adds an important component that most superhero games have missed out on: social simulation. Early reviews couldn't agree on if it worked, and "Marvel" fans were divided on the topic too. Still, a good chunk of players enjoyed its similarity to "Persona," "Fire Emblem," and "Mass Effect." Here, we see the possibilities a social mechanic can offer with a subtle romance between Blade and Captain Marvel. 


In "Midnight Suns," the protagonist plays a customizable avatar that changes depending on the player. The protagonist over 300 years old and can't romance anyone, which developers revealed early on in an interview with IGN. However, the characters around you may romance each other. You can choose how to interact with the cast to see where these stories end up. Early in the game, Blade hints that he's interested in Captain Marvel. Then, it's up to the player whether or not they want to nurture that relationship by shaping how the pair interacts with each other.

Here's the tea on one of this year's most underrated couples.

How the story goes

After a week of living at the Abbey, Blade invites the player to join his book club. As explained by The Gamer, accepting the invite leads to a suspiciously awkward first book club meeting. If you ask Blade about it, he admits that he never intended to start a book club and things just spiraled out of control when he invited Captain Marvel to read a book together. Captain America overheard them and was inadvertently invited to join. So, he asked the player character to join to even out the awkwardness a little bit. 


Marvel fans especially love how Blade absolutely thaws when it comes to Captain Marvel. The broody, tough vampire hunter gets tongue-tied just talking about her. If you continue attending book club, then you can see the romance between them unfold and be an active participant in its making. Each book club meeting deepens the relationship between the two as they learn more about each other. Eventually, the two start hanging out in the common room more often and going on dates. At the end of the story, Blade even invites you to their future wedding. 

Some, like The Gamer's Eric Switzer, speculate that the companies didn't want to mess with the characters' personalities too much, considering they each have their own carefully crafted lore in their own series. Blade and Captain Marvel aren't "canon" in the comic, but the "Midnight Suns" writers pull off a squee-worthy relationship between them in the game.


"Marvel's Midnight Suns" is available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.