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The Scariest Thing That Ever Happened To Adin Ross

Like any other form of celebrity, having the spotlight as a prominent Twitch or YouTube streamer can lead to scary and downright traumatic encounters with admirers. For example, tragic details regarding Amouranth and her encounters with stalkers made headlines multiple times throughout the cosplaying streamer's career. From harrowing stalker encounters to cruel swatting pranks, streaming has proven a much more dangerous profession than many realize. In the case of streamer Adin Ross, however, the scariest moment of his life occurred before he began streaming.


The 7.1 million-subscriber Twitch streamer, who recently canceled a stream with Kanye West following the rap star's antisemitic rhetoric, spoke about his scariest encounter in a 2021 interview with Adam22 of No Jumper. Ross candidly mentioned enduring several traumatic experiences in his life, giving an example of how a family member stabbed him in his sleep when he was only 12 years old or so. Fortunately, the streamer reported dealing with the emotional fallout of this attack fairly quickly.

Getting stabbed in his sleep

On the No Jumper YouTube channel, Adin Ross spoke about his talent for blocking out traumatic experiences. "I got stabbed with a knife in my sleep by a relative who was mentally unstable," Ross said. "When that happened to me, I went through it for like, a week, [then] I became numb and emotionless to traumatic s***."


The relative stabbed a young Ross in the arm. While he felt no pain waking up to the attack, Ross reacted with a scream — understandably scared at the moment. After pulling the knife free, he went to the hospital and received nine stitches.

Following the attack, Ross' unnamed relative eventually ended up in a mental hospital after a stint in jail. The streamer said drug problems likely played a role in the relative's behavior along with their mental state.

Ross recalled going back to school after the incident and making up a lie about the injury: That he fell and punctured his arm on a nail. He agreed with Adam22 that he just wanted to live a normal life among his classmates. "What I'm trying to say is, I've been through a lot of crazy, traumatic s***," Ross said. "But I've always been able to put it — picture you're jumping over a hurdle... I'm just not letting that s*** get to me."


Time will tell how Adin Ross' story of getting stabbed compares to the increasingly scary swatting situations he has encountered. He thankfully maintains a positive attitude during his streams.