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We May Finally Know What Will Be In The GTA 6 Announcement Trailer

In September 2022, a "GTA 6" leak had fans losing their minds, but since then, there's been no official information on the game. Rockstar broke its silence on the leak, explaining that it shouldn't affect the game's development timeline, but the company has refrained from making its own official announcement about the game. Without an official trailer or game footage to comb through, fans are eagerly looking for clues everywhere – even in unreleased items in "GTA Online." While the official announcement trailer hasn't arrived just yet, fans think they know what it might contain. Unfortunately, the information comes as part of another potential leak.

It seems that Rockstar can't get away from leaks, which makes a bit of sense, as"GTA 6" is one of the most anticipated games year after year. Fans combed over the footage from the first "GTA 6" leak, with many assuming that the in-development graphics were going to be the final product. Even though Rockstar commented on the leak, and even though gamers know that the developer is working on "GTA 6," the excitement for an official trailer remains high. Every big gaming event comes and goes with high hopes that Rockstar will debut an official trailer. Now, the internet has won yet again with another leak, or at least rumors of a leak. Here's what we know about the alleged announcement trailer.

SanInPlay described the trailer

The information on the "GTA 6" trailer is sparse, but significant. Brazilian YouTuber and "GTA" fan SanInPlay released details about the alleged leaked trailer. While he didn't actually release footage, he claimed to have seen video of the announcement, and included a brief description small details throughout.

SanInPlay described dogs in the city, lizards roaming everywhere, and the protagonist, Lucia, working out in prison. He even mentioned dogs playing on the beach, carefree. SanInPlay particularly emphasized the number of reptiles wandering around the scenery, speculating that they might be some sort of invasive species or "plague" on the city. In any case, they certainly add some ambiance to the locale. SanInPlay's description overall emphasized the animal life in the city, suggesting that even in this early stage of development, programmers are paying attention to the small details that help a setting feel real.

Most importantly, SanInPlay noted that the trailer will feature more details about Lucia, the protagonist of "GTA 6." Notably, Lucia is one of two protagonists in "GTA 6," both loosely based on the story of legendary criminals Bonnie and Clyde. While not much is known about Lucia yet, the trailer reveals that she has spent time in prison. SanInPlay didn't provide any answers as to where he found the leak or how others might be able to view the trailer, nor did he hint at any information about when gamers might expect to see the trailer in full. Until then, players can only make some educated guesses.

When will fans see the trailer?

So when will fans finally get to see this trailer? Unfortunately, the answer isn't clear. There's no one way to know when Rockstar will officially release the trailer, but it would make sense for the developer to reveal it when it would be most advantageous. For example, Rockstar could choose to deploy the trailer at a significant time to impress both investors and fans, instilling faith in the developer. According to Market Beat, Take-Two Interactive – which owns Rockstar – will need to report its quarterly earnings by February 6. If this is true, gamers might get a "GTA 6" trailer shortly before Feb. 6 or during the earnings call itself. A new preview of "GTA 6" would certainly drum up excitement from investors and make them feel secure in their decisions to back Rockstar and Take-Two.

One "GTA" news account on Twitter suspected that – based on interactions between industry insiders – an announcement trailer for "GTA 6" will arrive sometime between Spring and Summer 2023. However, it's important to note that this release window is purely speculation based on the behavior of individuals online, and the account didn't seem positive, even though it was hopeful.

Fans are tired of waiting, especially considering that the leak already revealed some components of the upcoming "GTA 6." For example, the leak showed that big changes could be coming to the game's inventory system, which is something fans have requested for years. One fan replied to the rumors, saying, "I just cant believe it anymore, too many disappointments." Even though the "GTA" community has felt led on by Rockstar at times, rumors of a trailer signal that big news might be on its way soon.