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Marvel's Midnight Suns: The Stone Pyramid Mystery Explained

"Marvel's Midnight Suns" can take a long time to beat, to begin with, and it gets even longer for those interested in seeing everything the game has to offer. From side missions and hero challenge missions to participate in and puzzles and mysteries like the Standing Stones to solve, there's a lot of ground to cover. And there's even more on the way for those who bought the season pass.


Completionist players with limited amounts of gaming time may struggle to complete the entire game and solve every mystery in the game, forcing some to pick and choose the challenges they tackle. Some, like the Stone Pyramid mystery, are reasonably straightforward as puzzles but can still require some exploration and grinding to complete. For those that would instead focus on the combat and narrative, it helps to jump right to the end of the mysteries to simply find and solve them.

With a bit of knowledge about the Pyramid Mystery, eager superheroes can do just that. No need for wasted time or effort.

Unlock the right Words of Power and find the pyramid

Before finding the Stone Pyramid, players should be sure they have the Words of Power known as Reveal and Break. Both are needed to complete the mystery, so there's not much point in seeking it out before then.


The Reveal power is unlocked by exploring the Abbey and finding four elemental rods. Taking them to Agatha's Altar will open the way to obtaining Reveal, which will help with this mystery and many points throughout the game (per Gamepur). Meanwhile, the Break power only becomes available late in the game. Like Reveal, getting Break requires considerable travel across the grounds and some help from Agatha (per PC Gamer).

Once they have the necessary powers, players just need to find the pyramid in question. It can be found directly north of the Abbey and slightly south of the Garden of Envy. This should be pretty easy to locate, but a short video from ZaFrostPet details how to get there for those struggling. Players will find a cracked wall blocking a dirt path. This wall is easily destroyed with the Break power, and a floating pyramid, complete with some human skulls, will be uncovered within (per GGRecon). 


From here, using Reveal on the pyramid will solve the mystery and reward 10 Arcane Knowledge and an Epic Arcane Chest. It may not be the most complex mystery the game has to offer, but it is worth solving.