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Streamers To Watch If You Want To Watch Hogwarts Legacy

Despite the controversy surrounding the title, "Hogwarts Legacy" has exploded on social media and streaming sites. Although the game technically launches on February 10, anyone who pre-ordered the Collector's or Deluxe Editions received access to it up to 72 hours in advance. Those who opted not to shell out the extra dough can tune into YouTube or Twitch live streams to see what the action RPG has to offer. Not everyone's favorite content creator has chosen to get involved with the game, however. For example, HasanAbi and Valkyrae both decided not to play "Hogwarts Legacy" for their own reasons.


Streamers such as xQc, on the other hand, dove wand first into "Hogwarts Legacy" as soon as it became available. But because xQc flew through the game, becoming one of the first streamers to beat "Hogwarts Legacy," fans likely won't find him streaming it unless he decides to go back for some side content. So, which streamers are still broadcasting "Hogwarts Legacy" content worth watching?


Nickmercs is one of the OGs in the first-person shooter competitive and live-streaming scene. He's best known for his "Call of Duty: Warzone" and "Fortnite" gameplay, where he combines his impressive skills with his entertaining personality. But recently, his 6.6 million followers have been treated to a different type of gameplay, as Nickmercs has traded in his gun for a wand.


With his character Girthen Hungswell of Gryffindor, Nickmercs has been playing through "Hogwarts Legacy." Nickmercs clocked in around seven hours of wizarding during his first session. The streamer struggled with a few combat encounters, so he might not be the best to ask for game advice in Twitch chat. This won't surprise many, as the third-person RPG is much different from the titles he typically takes on.

Nickmercs isn't exclusively streaming "Hogwarts Legacy," as he wove in some "Fortnite" during his first session. So, he might not get through the game as fast as some.


Unlike Nickmercs, Asmongold is at home in fantasy RPGs. He famously got his start on Twitch streaming one of the most popular fantasy worlds, "World of Warcraft." He is also known to branch out and try other fantasy titles in the genre, including single-player experiences. The most recent single-player fantasy game Asmongold played was "Elden Ring," which he loved. So, it probably didn't take much convincing to get the streamer to jump into "Hogwarts Legacy." However, fans won't find Asmongold streaming it on his main channel. 


Asmongold has been playing "Hogwarts Legacy" on his secondary channel, zackrawrr, where he is more relaxed and "off duty" as his fans describe it. Because of this, viewers shouldn't tune in expecting to see Asmongold's signature over-the-top personality. But Asmongold still puts in a ton of dedication to his playthroughs on his second channel. For example, during his first session, Asmongold clocked in about 10 hours of gameplay. So, fans wanting to watch Asmongold play "Hogwarts Legacy" live may want to tune in soon before he finishes the game.


MoistCr1TiKaL is another popular live streamer getting in on the "Hogwarts Legacy" craze. Although it's a wonder he even has time to do so, as the content creator has been very busy lately. Recently, he created an esports organization and launched a clothing brand to boot. Not to mention that MoistCr1TiKaL also sometimes posts bounties on his channel, offering cash prizes for completing video game feats.


Despite all of this, MoistCr1TiKaL has booted up Twitch to stream "Hogwarts Legacy" for his 4.8 million followers. However, he isn't blasting through the game like Asmongold. At the time of writing this, the streamer had only played close to four hours of "Hogwarts Legacy," putting him in the infancy of his playthrough. For a game that spans over 35 hours, he still has a long way to go. And because his streams last an average of 5.4 hours, finishing the RPG may take him a while.


Summit1g might be the most surprising addition to this list. Like Nickmercs, Summit1g is known for his first-person shooter antics. He began his career as a "CS:GO" professional but has since transitioned to full-time content creation. Recently, the streamer became fixated on another first-person shooter: "Escape from Tarkov." But to the surprise of many, he decided to dive into the realm of single-player games with "Hogwarts Legacy." And he appears to be enjoying it.


Summ1tg, similar to Asmongold, invested over 10 hours of gameplay during his first "Hogwarts Legacy" session. So, it's doubtful he will put the game down any time soon. Already his character Timmus Wandgee of the Hufflepuff house has done everything from slaying trolls to flying on his magical Hogwarts broom. But fans shouldn't be too surprised if Summ1tg impedes his progress by booting up "Escape from Tarkov" on stream to get his fix.