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The Best TAQ-V Loadout And Class Setup For Warzone 2.0 And Modern Warfare 2

"Call of Duty" titles always offer a wealth of weapons for players to try out, and "Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone 2.0" are certainly no exceptions. Assault Rifles are generally the reliable workhorses in competitive multiplayer, striking a balance between range, damage, accuracy, and fire rate with some great options to choose from. However, there is something to be said about taking a Battle Rifle instead.


With some of the large maps featured in both games, the meta is arguably favoring longer-range combat, and Battle Rifles can shine here. They offer greater range and damage than Assault Rifles without sacrificing too much in the areas of fire rate and stability like the Marksman and Sniper Rifles. For those who want a bit more range and power without committing to being a sniper, Battle Rifles are a great choice. Among this class of weapons, the TAQ-V stands out as an excellent option.

What it lacks in the firing stability department, it more than makes up for with excellent damage and range. A loadout and setup that takes advantage of its strengths while minimizing its weaknesses can make it an effective tool in combat.



A good build for any weapon starts with the right attachments, and the TAQ-V should be modified to enhance its strong points.

To start, operators should add a Polarfire-S muzzle. This increases damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil while also making the weapon silenced. All these improvements will make for a deadlier weapon at longer ranges — and improving stealth is a bonus. Next, players should switch out the standard, 20-round magazine for a 30-round magazine. The TAQ-V may be powerful, but it's unlikely to drop an enemy with just a single hit, so extra ammo will be vital. To further improve accuracy and reduce that pesky recoil, the FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel should be added next. 


All of these attachments will improve the TAQ-V tremendously — but at the cost of speed, making the weapon slower to aim. To offset this, operators should go with an FSS OLE-V Laser. While this laser will be visible to opponents while aiming, it will improve aiming speed, helping players to take down opponents before they can respond.

Finally, a good optic should be added. Some gamers may want to add a Cronen Mini Red Dot or another simple sight that favors high visibility. Another option to consider, however, is a hybrid sight like the Hybrid Firepoint. This will allow an operator to switch between a basic sight and one with greater magnification, leaving open the option to switch to targeting foes at a much longer range when the opportunity presents itself.



After the TAQ-V has been properly modified, the next step is choosing the right perks to support a solid plan of attack with the weapon.

To start, operators should take the Battle Hardened and Tracker base perks. The first will offer some extra protection from the grenade or other equipment that may be thrown at them while they're taking long range shots at foes. The second will reveal the footprints of nearby enemies, making it possible to stalk their foes and set up the perfect ambush.


Next, players should select the Fast Hands bonus perk. This will speed reloading and weapons swapping, helping to avoid being taken out while swapping magazines.

Finally, the Birdseye ultimate perk is a perfect addition to this build. This perk allows an operator to see where enemies are facing when they are revealed through a UAV and even provides a brief glimpse when opponents activate their own UAVs. Many are saying that this perk is overpowered, so operators should take full advantage of it.

With the rollout of Season 2, "Warzone 2.0" players can finally customize their perk packages and don't have to choose from presets. However, it looks like Birdseye has been disabled in the game, so they'll have to make another selection for their ultimate perk. High Alert could be a good choice here as it will alert a player when they've been spotted by an enemy, giving them a chance to escape.



Finally, operators will need to complete their setup with some equipment.

As this weapon and build lend themselves to more stationary, long range gameplay, a Claymore will be a good choice for lethal equipment. Placing one by a door will offer protection from enemies sneaking up on them while gamers set up and look downrange for targets.


Meanwhile, a Stun Grenade will be a solid choice for tactical equipment as it can be used to slow enemies that try to rush a player and take them out at close range.

Finally, a Trophy System makes a great choice for a field upgrade. Like the Claymore, this will also offer protection to less mobile players. In this case, it will destroy incoming thrown equipment before it can damage the operator that deployed it.

With this build, players will be able to engage in long-range combat without having to sacrifice speed and mobility completely. For anyone that's looking to shake things up and give Assault Rifles a break, this is certainly a loadout to try.