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Hogwarts Legacy Characters We Desperately Want More Info On

"Hogwarts Legacy" has been a hit with critics and fans, winning praise for its gameplay, story, and immersive environment. The game takes players to the Wizarding World a century before the events of the "Harry Potter" novels, offering a fresh perspective on Hogwarts and a look at witches and wizards of a different era. In doing so, it introduces lots of new locations, conflicts, and characters for fans to learn about.


While many of these characters get full arcs with stories that are brought to satisfying conclusions, some secondary and minor characters support the plot but don't get the same level of development. Despite not getting as much screen time, plenty of these characters have won over fans and left them wanting more.

Whether they're just likable and deserving of more detail or they set up some mystery that demands to be solved, here are some magical characters that we desperately want to learn more about.

Anne Sallow

Early in their adventures at Hogwarts, players will meet the Slytherin student, Sebastian Sallow. Sebastian proves to be a good friend, aiding the player in sneaking into the restricted section to recover an important book and even taking the fall for them when it looks like they'll be caught. As they get to know Sebastian more, players will also learn more about his sister Anne and her tragic backstory.


It turns out that Anne is Sebastian's twin and attended Hogwarts with him until an attack by the forces of Victor Rookwood and Ranrok left her cursed and in ongoing pain. This motivates Sebastian to go down a dangerous path, studying the Dark Arts in the hopes of uncovering a cure.

If they pursue a friendship with Sebastian and help him in his quest, players will eventually see him finally succumbing to darkness and murdering his uncle in a fight over Anne. When Anne discovers what Sebastian has done, she rejects Sebastian and disappears with the body of her uncle, marking a tragic end to Sebastian's story.

Anne's story, however, is left unfinished. After disapparating, she is never seen again. This leaves us to wonder what became of her. Did she ever find a cure for her curse? Did she come to accept it? Did she ever forgive her brother for what he'd done? These are questions that deserve answers in potential sequels.


Noctua Gaunt

In developing their friendship with Sebastian, players will also meet Ominis Gaunt, a descendant of Salazar Slytherin and part of the Gaunt family from which Voldemort himself would later descend. In their interactions with Ominis, players will also learn about his aunt, Noctua Gaunt.


Noctua bucked the trend of the Gaunt family and Slytherin heirs, rejecting the Dark Arts and prejudice against muggles and muggle-borns. Her principles led her to seek out more information about Slytherin and this quest ultimately led to her doom. While exploring Slytherin's secret Scriptorium, as part of the same quest line that leads to Sebastian's fall, players can learn that Noctua became trapped inside and died there.

The mystery surrounding Noctua is the opposite of that surrounding Anne Sallow. Regarding Noctua, we learn her ultimate fate but get little information about her previous life or how she came to be who she is. What was she like in life? How did she come to reject the Dark Arts when so many of her family succumbed? Did she have any success in quest to learn more about Slytherin before her sad end? Unless "Hogwarts Legacy" gets a prequel, fans are unlikely to ever meet Noctua. They can hope some answers may be provided in diaries or other texts in future games.


Eunon Blackwood

Another character that players don't get to meet but who deserves more detail is the dark wizard Eunon Blackwood. While he doesn't connect to the main story of the game, his presence is felt in the form of the hedge mazes he left behind.


While out exploring the countryside, players are likely to discover several magical mazes with treasure hidden at the center. Finding and solving these puzzles is well worth the effort for the rewards they offer as well as for the hints they provide about Blackwood and his life.

At each maze location, a part of a book will reveal a part of Blackwood's life and the story is absolutely intriguing. It seems that he was born Eunon Wood and changed his name when he married a witch named Artemisia Black. This would mean that he could be an ancestor of both Sirius Black and Oliver Wood, the Gryffindor Quidditch team captain during Harry's early years at Hogwarts. Blackwood is also notable for being the only known Hufflepuff student to turn to the Dark Arts.


Blackwood's ultimate fate is left a mystery with only his ominous hedges standing as a legacy of his past. Given his possible connection with "Harry Potter" characters and his status as an evil Hufflepuff, this is a character that we need to know more about.

Aesop Sharp

"Hogwarts Legacy" certainly knows how to subvert expectations with its characters. First it introduces an evil Hufflepuff, then it gives us a dark wizard-hunting Slytherin. Professor Aesop Sharp teaches Potions at Hogwarts during the game and the player can meet him early in their studies. They can even steal a Fwooper Feather from his office to help out a fellow student.


Sharp appears gruff but also shows concern for his students and makes a nice contrast to a certain, less kind, Potions professor that would come later. He also stands out because before becoming a teacher, he served as an Auror.

Sharp's dialogue and letters found in his office only hint at the adventures he had as an Auror but his time as an officer of magical law enforcement was clearly exciting. Players can learn that Sharp has a permanent injury as a result of a dark curse and he seems motivated to find a cure for it through potions.

Sharp's story is left to continue at the end of "Hogwarts Legacy" so fans may get to see more of him in the future. What we really want to get more of, however, is his past. What sort of adventures did he have as an Auror and just who gave his debilitating injury? Is there any chance he'll be called out of retirement in the future to chase dark wizards again?


Helen Thistlewood

Another retired Auror that deserves more detailed info is Helen Thistlewood. Thistlewood can be found in Upper Hogsfield and will take Hufflepuff players on a short trip to Azkaban to interview a prisoner and solve a decades-old murder mystery. This quest is one of the chief reasons players should pick Hufflepuff for their playthrough and one way to unlock the Ghost of Our Love side quest.


While the player's time with Thistlewood is brief, she definitely makes an impression. Through conversations and diary entries in her home, it's possible to learn that, like Sharp, she had her own adventures as an Auror and even saved the entire Ministry of Magic. She also reveals personal doubts and regrets, however, looking back on her past and unsure of whether she did the right thing and made a positive difference in the world.

She suffers an injury during the short trip to Azkaban and is forced to leave the player shortly after. While they later receive a letter saying that she's recovered, it would have been nice to get more closure. Did she truly make a full recovery? What will she do next? What else is left undone from her past? Fans, especially Hufflepuffs, will likely want to see more of her in the future.