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The Best Kastov-74U Loadout And Class Setup For Warzone 2.0 And Modern Warfare 2

In "Warzone 2.0" and "Modern Warfare 2," assault rifles are popular for combat as they provide a good balance of range, power, and speed. The Kastov-74U stands out as a solid and unique option among this class of weapons. In past "Call of Duty" games, the weapon was classified as an SMG, but this time, it returns as an assault rifle and is worth the consideration of players.


The Kastov-74U is notable for favoring handling and maneuverability over range, striking a balance between the benefits of an SMG and a traditional assault rifle. Operators that want the strength of an assault rifle but plan on fighting at closer range and keeping on the move will definitely favor this weapon.

With the right loadout and class setup, players wielding the Kastov-74U will become deadly opponents, moving through the battlefield and taking out opponents before they can respond. The key is to design the build and play style around the strengths of the rifle.


For a weapon that favors speed and close quarters combat, a build designed to promote quick, hit and run engagements will work best and the selected attachments should support that.

First, operators should add an Echoless-80 muzzle. This will silence the weapon for stealth while also increasing damage range and improving accuracy through increased bullet velocity and reduced recoil. While this will reduce ADS, this is offset by the natural speed of the Kastov-74U and can be further reduced by other attachments.


With that in mind, players should next add an FSS OLE-V laser and a True-Tac rear grip. These attachments will significantly improve ADS and sprint to fire speed with a bit of aiming stability added in for good measure. A BR209 barrel will further improve ADS along with providing a boost to movement speed.

Finally, operators should add a solid optic that suits their tastes. Given the shorter ranges this rifle and build are designed for, anything with magnification should be avoided. Among the optics that simply provide an improved sight, however, every player should go with the one that they prefer.

Put together, these attachments will turn the Kastov-74U into a weapon that excels at close range combat. It won't be scoring many longshot kills but it will allow an operator to get up close to enemies and take them out quickly.



With the Kastov-74U fully upgraded, the next step is to select perks to go with the build.

To start, players should take the Double Time and Tracker base perks. Double Time will increase crouched movement and extend Tactical Sprint time, making an operator even faster to get into range to take out foes. Meanwhile, Tracker will let them see enemy footprints so they can use their speed to sneak up on enemies and ambush them without warning.


For a bonus perk, players should go with Fast Hands to further build on their speed. Quicker reloading and weapon swapping will be invaluable in close quarters. With this perk, players need not worry about getting killed while reloading during a tense battle.

Finally, players should choose between Bird's Eye and Ghost for an ultimate perk. Those that want to focus on stealth should take Ghost to hide from enemy UAVs, while those that are more interested in stalking and rushing enemies should take Bird's Eye for periodic UAVs and the addition of direction markers for enemies on the minimap.

"Warzone 2.0" players should note that, as of Season 2, the Bird's Eye perk has been disabled, so, unlike "Modern Warfare 2" players, they won't have a choice and should simply go with Ghost.



The last step will be choosing the right equipment to complement the build. Here, players should avoid anything defensive and play to the aggressive nature of Kastov-74U.

For lethal equipment, a classic Frag Grenade is ideal. Great damage in enclosed spaces and the ability to bounce around walls makes it great for fights in buildings and tight spaces where the Kastov-74U will shine. Likewise, a Flashbang will be great for tactical equipment as it also works great in tight spaces and will allow an operator to disorient an enemy before moving in for the kill.


Finally, Munitions Box and Dead Silence are both excellent choices for a field upgrade. Those that want to lean even more into stealth will probably take Dead Silence for the quiet running it allows, while those that want to avoid running out of ammo at all costs will carry a Munitions Box into battle.

With the build put together, it will be time to hit the field and start charging the enemy with speed and stealth.