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Adin Ross Banned From Twitch For The Last Time

Adin Ross is among the most popular content creators on Twitch, boasting over 7 million followers. However, his time in the spotlight has long been enveloped in controversy. Adin Ross' laundry list of past transgressions includes reading his chat while driving, not paying his fellow content creators for their services, and broadcasting slurs. And as Adin Ross fans already know, these past transgressions have not gone unpunished. On multiple occasions, Twitch has slapped the streamer with a ban for breaking the site's terms of service. These bans can range anywhere from 24 hours to one month. However, the frequent bans eventually became all too much for Adin Ross, resulting in him making a big move.


Ross recently moved from Twitch to Kick, the streaming platform backed by Trainwreckstv. Ross explained that he moved to Kick to escape the strict Twitch TOS after allegedly being threatened by Twitch. But for Adin's sake, he better like his new home, as Twitch has now decided the popular streamer would not be allowed to return, even if he wanted to.

The eighth time's a charm

On February 25, Adin Ross received his eighth Twitch ban. But it was soon revealed that, unlike a cat, he doesn't get the luxury of nine lives. Ross took to Kick shortly after the ban to discuss the situation and his plans for moving forward. The streamer confirmed that the ban was indeed permanent, but he explained that he didn't know why it happened. He did have a theory, though. And it comes straight out of his idol Andrew Tate's playbook. "[Twitch] is out to get me, Kai[KaiCenat], they are out to get all these f*** streamers," Adin argued. But his "everyone is out to get me" conspiracy wasn't the only confusing part of his recent stream.


Later in the stream, when talking to Trainwreckstv, Adin Ross said he did know why he was banned, but his legal team told him not to discuss it publicly. He argued that it didn't make sense because the ban notice said it was due to on-stream content, and that he hasn't been streaming on Twitch. This negates a theory that his actions outside of Twitch led to his ban. But as many pointed out, Twitch can ban users for whatever reason it wants to, and it's completely possible the site just had enough of Adin Ross' recent behavior.