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xQc Accidentally Leaked His DMs

It is never a good thing when personal information gets leaked online, especially when that someone is one of the most well-known streamers in the biz. Former "Overwatch" pro turned full-time Twitch streamer xQc is still one of the platform's most recognizable personalities, and one who streams pretty much non-stop — even if he has only had seven hours of sleep over three days. During a "Just Chatting" stream on March 14, 2023, xQc's Twitter DMs were leaked on-screen, and for a brief few moments, viewers got a glimpse at who he's been messaging and what he's been talking about. xQc wasn't hacked or doxxed or anything like that. In fact, he accidentally revealed his Twitter DMs on his own by alt-tabbing back to the site while his messages were visible. The quick peek revealed that he's been chatting with one of the streaming world's most controversial figures. 

As one might expect when private messages are flashed for tens of thousands of people, xQc freaked out for a few seconds, slamming his hand on the desk and yelling out in frustration. That reaction is totally understandable, but there wasn't anything particularly wrong with the messages themselves. The conversations were with other streamers and personalities in his circle, like Meowri, whose message "my charisma is pretty much maxed out by now" became quite the meme amongst viewers.

One thing did stick out, though: a conversation with controversial streamer Adin Ross, who was recently permanently banned from Twitch. xQc took a few seconds to cool down, then addressed the DMs and what the conversation with Adin Ross was exactly about.

xQc's DMs reveal chats with Adin Ross and others

xQc's Twitter DMs were only displayed briefly in the stream as he tabbed over to the page without realizing the messages were up. Chats with streamer Meowri, rapper Blueface, and Andrew Trulli of SteelSeries seemed all innocuous enough, and a message that highlighted his recent following of Andrew Botez was visible, too. At the top of the message list was a DM from Adin Ross that read "what about u," which naturally led to stream viewers asking what they were talking about.

According to xQc, he was reaching out to some people to make a pendant, but he didn't go into too much detail beyond that. "I was talking to ask Adin because I want to see if I can get a pendant done," xQc said. "And I had a really fun and good idea, but I'm not gonna tell you about it." The streamer said that the pendant would have been "bussin'," then repeated that description a few times until the stream continued. 

Fans might have been extra surprised by this convo, considering some of xQc's recent comments on-stream. xQc recently criticized Adin Ross' trajectory in life because of his support of self-proclaimed misogynist Andrew Tate, who was arrested in Romania earlier in 2023 for involvement in human trafficking. Why the streamer reached out to him specifically about making a pendant of all things is anyone's guess. Whatever the reason, xQc seemed a bit shaken by the reveal of his private messages, at least temporarily, before moving past it.