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God Of War Ragnarok: All New Game Plus Armor Sets (And Their Perks)

By now, most fans have likely sunk enough hours into "God of War Ragnarok" to beat it and see the ending several times over. Santa Monica Studios has given players a reason to dive back in, however, with the addition of New Game Plus. Some gamers may be disappointed at the lack of plans for DLC, but this new mode is still bringing lots of new content and features. Among these additions are some brand new sets of armor, featuring new looks, new stats, and some awesome perks.


When players jump back in with New Game Plus, they'll get to play through the epic story with all of their previous weapons and gear right from the start. Even better, they'll get the chance to obtain new gear that will shake things up and allow for the development of different strategies for taking on some new challenges.

"Ragnarok" veterans ready to take a shot at New Game Plus will likely want to know just which armor sets are new and which ones are worth obtaining. Fortunately, Santa Monica Studios has already revealed everything that the new mode is bringing to the Nine Realms.

Armor of the Black Bear

Players that were fans of Kratos' rugged look at the beginning of the game and from the box art will certainly appreciate this set of armor. The Armor of the Black Bear will allow fans to retain their look from the opening sequence and carry it forward into the rest of the game. On top of that, the armor will provide boosts to the Strength and Defense stats as well as bestowing a new perk.


With the Armor of the Black Bear equipped, well-timed evasions will create a blast of Bifröst shards to damage nearby enemies. This should make it a great choice for players that favor agility and movement over brute force in combat.

Gamers looking to roll with this armor won't need to go searching for it. When beginning a playthrough in New Game Plus, this will be their new default armor at the start.

Ares Armor

Those that want to pay homage to the original Greek God of War before Kratos took the job will want to pick up the Ares Armor set. Making a return from the last God of War's New Game Plus mode, this armor should be favored by anyone looking for a little more health while out adventuring.


When equipped the Ares Armor provides players with a chance to get a Health Stone to drop on hit. Further, and fitting for an armor named after a truly violent God of War, stomping on a Health Stone while wearing it will create a larger explosion and even reward some rage as well.

To get their hands on this armor, players will need to buy it with Hackshilver from the Huldra brothers. Some will definitely want to start saving immediately so they can get this armor and its benefits as soon as possible.

Zeus Armor

Gamers that favor a risky strategy may want to check out the armor named for Kratos' dad and ruler of Olympus. Zeus may be dead and gone but his armor lives on to serve players that want to take big chances for big benefits.


Wearing the Zeus Armor set provides drastic increases to Melee and Runic damage, making it much easier to take down foes. On the other hand, it will also increase the damage Kratos takes to the point where many enemies will be able to one-shot him. Players that want fights to go faster, for good or bad, will enjoy this armor. Anyone wielding it will need to be on point with their blocks and evasions to stand a chance, however.

Earning this armor will be a challenge in itself, as it requires taking down Gná the Valkyrie Queen, and completing specific Remnants of Asgard. Those that are able to accomplish these feats, however, may just be up for the challenge of wielding the armor of the ruler of the gods.


Spartan Armor

For anyone that wants to make the game even tougher than the challenge of the Zeus Armor can go with the Spartan Armor. Giving Kratos a shirtless look, this armor provides no benefits and holds his Power at level 1 while equipped. Going through the game with this armor is likely to become a badge of honor for the truly devoted fans of the game. Those that want to take on this challenge can buy the armor from the Huldra Brothers and give it a shot themselves.


Whichever armor they decide to go with, players will be able to apply the appearance of other armors thanks to the transmog ability, which will carry over into New Game Plus and work with all the new armors.

New Game Plus has other content to offer and fans will likely be eager to check it all out. As they begin a fresh journey, they'll definitely want to try out as many of these new armor sets as they can.