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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Great Blizzard Quest Guide (How To Get Olaf)

Olaf has finally hit the shores of "Disney Dreamlight Valley" as a mysterious blizzard blows into town. Players may know how to get Remy and how to unlock Ursula, but getting this little snowman to join their valley's permanent cast can be a bit tricky. Olaf's special quest, aptly titled "The Great Blizzard," involves quite a bit of running amok, chasing tiny (and possibly nefarious) shadow squirrels, crafting, and puzzling. 


The prerequisites to this quest are leveling up one's friendship with everyone's favorite cantankerous wizard, Merlin, having unlocked Elsa, and unlocking The Frosted Heights biome. This will, of course, cost Dreamlight to do, but it's worth it to have Olaf as a friend. Once players have the biome open, they can go investigate the blizzard. Merlin will state that the only way forward is to head into the eye of the storm itself — where players will find a mysterious room, full of mysterious things, as well as Olaf, who (mysteriously) is missing his arms and carrot nose. The next step? Hunting down his wayward body parts ... mysteriously.

Stumble across Olaf

When players find Olaf, he will tell them a pretty tragic tale (all while smiling his uncanny smile) of being stuck in that cave for years, and how he lost his arms and nose and can no longer turn pages in books to occupy himself.


To help the poor guy, players will need to hunt down some shadow-squirrels as they run all over The Frosted Heights to get his buttons and his nose. They're quite fast, so it's a good idea to use Sprint by eating prepared food or drinks to push the energy bar into golden mode. Unfortunately, these dastardly shadow creatures (which are, actually, kinda cute and will be unlocked as an animal companion as a reward later) don't have his arms. This becomes an issue because players need his arms to finish the quest and restore the Pillar of Love. Why? His arms were holding an orb that heals the pillar. To find out what happened to said arms, players will need to unlock memories sealed inside frozen water scattered across the Heights.


The obvious answer here is, quite clearly, to hunt down Elsa and have her demonstrate how to unlock memories from water. Seeing as she has ice magic. Anyway, leave the Heights and find Elsa, who will tell the player they need to use the Watering Can to remove memories sealed in ice crystals. Why not? Go back to the Pillar in the Heights, extract the memories from the ice around its base, and receive a snowy image of Naughty-You stealing the Orb of Love from the pillar.

Gather, craft, and solve the puzzle

Head back to Elsa, and she'll tell you to keep looking. So, run back to The Frosted Heights, and talk to Olaf. He'll tell you to unlock the memories in the secret chamber where you'll once again see Naughty-You taking the orb — only it has Olaf's arms attached. This item is appropriately named Olaf's Arms...And an Orb, and the player will see the evil version of themselves throwing the orb into the black portal. Players should grab books until they find the book about portals titled, "So You Want To Open a Dark Portal." Talk to Olaf, and then go make the Dreamlight Prism with the following:

  • 10 Glass (each Glass takes 5 sand and 1 Coal)
  • 5 Purified Night Shards (each takes 5 Night Shards and 1 Dream Shard)
  • 3 Shattered Prisms (found scattered in the secret chamber)

Make the prism, put it on the pedestal in the secret chamber, then add the following gems down the right side of chamber walkway:

  • Amethyst (first slot)
  • Emerald (last slot)

On the left side, add citrine in the middle slot. A cut scene will then begin where the player will need to tell the portal one of their fears (pick any, but our personal favorite is the "alone" option. We live for drama). The player will then be able to remove the orb with Olaf's arms attached. Give the snowman his arms and then return the orb to the pillar. Once players speak to Olaf again, he will join the village and the quest will be done. Phew!