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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor's Cameron Monaghan Wants A Cal & Ghost-Yaddle Team-Up?

"Star Wars Jedi: Survivor" is almost here, and anticipation is high for the sequel to the hit "Jedi: Fallen Order." The continuing adventure of Cal Kestis and his friends is looking to be even more epic this time around with visits to locations from the prequels and, based on the massive file size, a far bigger story than its predecessor. One thing it won't have, sadly, is the awesome Jedi team-up that Cameron Monaghan is asking for.

Monaghan, who voices and performs motion capture for protagonist Cal Kestis, recently spoke with IGN about the production of the game and shared his thoughts about his character and the series. He had lots of positive things to say about the darker, more serious story in "Jedi: Survivor" and expressed excitement for the ideas and themes being explored this time around. There's one element that won't in the game, however, that Monaghan said he'd like to see. As awesome as it may sound, there won't be a partnership between Cal and the Force ghost of the Jedi Yaddle. That doesn't mean that Monaghan isn't pushing for such a story, however. 

'Yaddle and Cal, exploring the universe'

When asked who he'd like to see Cal teamed up with in the future, Monaghan told IGN that he'd like to see "Yaddle and Cal, exploring the universe, together forever." He seemed to indicate that he was, perhaps, half-joking about this and that, despite the lack of Yaddle, there's some great stuff in store for fans in "Jedi: Survivor." Still, gamers can dream about the possibilities of Yaddle guiding Cal just as Yoda guided Luke in "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi."

Yaddle, a Jedi Master of the same species as Yoda, made her first appearance in "Star Wars: Episode 1" and has since seen her backstory expanded in subsequent works. She even gets a brief mention in "Jedi: Fallen Order" with Greez inquiring about the possibility of other Jedi surviving and asking about Yaddle, whom he seems to be fond of.

With the groundwork laid in "Fallen Order," Monaghan expressing support for the idea, and the director of "Jedi: Survivor" indicating that he'd like to see the series be a trilogy, it's not impossible that Yaddle could make an appearance and even speak with Cal in the future. A full-blown team-up may be a bit much to ask for, but fans can still hope to see Yaddle at some point down the road.