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MrBeast And PewDiePie IRL Meet-Up Sparks Collaboration Rumors

MrBeast and PewDiePie are no strangers to competition. The pair have been locked in a race to become the highest-subscribed YouTuber in the game — even if a lot of that rivalry is a friendly one that has been manufactured for the fans. And now those very fans are stoked about the idea of a legit team-up between the two content creators.

It seems MrBeast has been doing a bit of traveling in recent days. Though his channel has previously taken him to some exotic locales such as a private island, he's never made one of his extravagant videos in Japan. That may all be about to change — or at least, that's what his fans are hoping for. Yesterday, MrBeast posted a photo of himself and PewDiePie back-to-back and smiling, complete with the humble caption, "I finally met PewDiePie."

As if the sight of the two creators in one spot weren't enough to send fans into the stratosphere, the background of the photo and the tags on Instagram leave no room for doubt: MrBeast's in Tokyo, Japan (or at least, he was when this picture was taken)! Fans are already flipping out over this post, particularly because it seemed like it would be a long time before the two creators would ever be in the same country again, let alone the same street

PewDiePie also shared the picture on his Instagram account, but did not provide any further details. The comments on Instagram and Twitter have been flooded with fans celebrating the meet, excitedly asking if this was just a one-time hangout, and trying to figure out if this is a tease for something much bigger down the road. Could MrBeast and PewDiePie finally be making a video together that could break the internet?

Fans are waiting to see what's next for PewDiePie and MrBeast

As of this writing, neither of the two content creators have weighed in on what they might be getting up to in Japan. It's also unclear which members of MrBeast's crew made the trip with him, if any. If Chris Tyson and the rest didn't come along for the ride, then this might end up being much more chill than the average MrBeast video (if there's one on the way, at all). One thing's for sure, though: Both creators' followers are just happy to see these two bro-ing out.

Some fans couldn't believe that it took this long for them to get together, while others felt like this was destined to happen. After all, one of MrBeast's viral videos involved him saying his fellow YouTuber's name over and over again.

"All I see is 2 goats," tweeted the Pittsburgh Knights, noting their shared status as two of the most-watched YouTubers in history. Some saw this moment as a passing of the torch, with @TopPilotGaming tweeting, "The former king of YT and the new King of YT." 

Other fans have simply shared how hype they are for this meet-up, with one fan even sharing AI-generated fan art of the pair. MrBeast got a kick out of how quickly his fans were able to pay tribute to this historic hang sesh:

A meeting between two YouTube titans

It would be an understatement to say that this meet-up has been a long time coming. When it looked like MrBeast was finally going to surpass PewDiePie's subscriber count, fans wondered if Pewds would challenge him for the throne, much in the way he'd previously done when fellow YouTube channels Cocomelon and T-Series moved in on the top spot. However, PewDiePie instead congratulated MrBeast and reminded fans that he's semi-retired from the YouTube game, at least when it comes to chasing subscribers and view counts.

Now, it's entirely possible that PewDiePie may just be planning to show MrBeast the sights while he's in Japan. PewDiePie and his wife Marzia have been living there since 2022, finally realizing a long-time dream of moving to the country. Since then, PewDiePie has regularly updated fans on their new lives in Japan, where they intend to start their own family

Given that he's a dad-to-be, PewDiePie hasn't made much time for wacky stunts in his own videos, preferring to stick to the kind of gentle slice-of-life clips he's been making for a while. It's hard to imagine that MrBeast might have convinced PewDiePie to jump out of a helicopter or anything wild like that, but the idea of the two of them in a room together is proving to be beyond tantalizing for fans.