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Chris Tyson Clears The Air About MrBeast Firing Rumors

Last month, Chris Tyson — longtime friend and collaborator of YouTuber MrBeast — revealed that he's taking Hormone Replacement Therapy, much to the surprise of fans. Not only did Chris' new look have everyone talking, but the content creator (who now uses any pronouns) revealed that he was feeling much better about himself after two months on HRT. He explained, "informed consent HRT saved my and many others' lives."

Since then, however, the rumor mill has continued turning, with people online speculating about everything from Chris' split from his ex-wife to his friendship with MrBeast. It's gotten to the point where MrBeast has stepped in and told his Twitter followers that he's fed up with the attacks on Chris. However, this hasn't done much to squash the newer rumors that Chris Tyson is no longer affiliated with MrBeast's various channels. 

Fans began to speculate that Chris had been removed from MrBeast's team after it appeared as though he didn't go to Japan with the group. Chris was conspicuously absent from a clip of the team racing go karts around the streets of Tokyo, spurring a ton of speculation among fans and detractors alike.

However, according to a new video from Chris, not only is he still involved with the MrBeast channel, but he did make it to Japan after all.

Chris Tyson explains his current status with MrBeast

Luckily for fans, Chris put many of those rumors to rest during a recent stream on Snapchat. A fan asked him if he had been kicked off of MrBeast's various channels, or if this was just another unfounded rumor. Tyson confirmed it was the latter, explaining that he simply talked things over with MrBeast and worked out a way to hang out more with his young son, Tucker. 

In the livestream (clipped by No Jumper), Tyson said, "I pretty much told Jimmy, just because I want to spend time with Tucker, and [MrBeast is] traveling a lot, I'm just going to come and go as I please."

Since having this conversation with MrBeast, Chris Tyson has done just that. While MrBeast has continued to travel for various shoots, Chris has done a bit of traveling of his own, sometimes leaving said shoots a bit early to tend to personal matters with his son. He further explained, "I came to Japan and I left when I pleased, and I went — I don't know if I can say I went to Mexico — I went to Mexico, and then I came back."

Fans of Chris Tyson and MrBeast's more extravagant videos may be extra curious about that last remark, as it implies that Chris may be discussing a video that has not yet been officially announced. It's unclear exactly why he went to Mexico, but the fact that he can't get into any details about the trip itself would seem to indicate that it was for the channel in some capacity. As for the Japan trip, it sounds like Chris may be involved in whatever MrBeast has been cooking up with PewDiePie in Tokyo.

Not everyone is buying Chris Tyson's explanation

So there you have it. Not only is Chris apparently still on MrBeast's team, but it sounds like he's still actively participating in the channel's globe-trotting shenanigans. It's just that he's attempting a healthier work-life balance these days. Chris' followers may recall that he's even been able to bring his son along on a few of these filming trips for the channel. 

Just last month, Katie Tyson posted an Instagram photo of herself and Tucker as they boarded a plane for one of MrBeast's shoots. Chris later explained, "This started as a video to show you guys the most expensive planes in the world, but it basically just turned into a vacation for me and Tucker ... Tucker says thanks for the cool plane rides Uncle Jimmy." Even though that particular video didn't work out, it sounds like Chris is getting to enjoy that quality time he's after, and MrBeast is happy to accommodate.

Some people still aren't totally buying Chris' story, however. In the comments below No Jumper's repost of the Snapchat clip, some people think that he's been politely ousted from the team, while others expect a formal firing to be announced soon. Others have commented that Chris' attitude towards only working on videos when he feels like it has rubbed them the wrong way. At the moment, though, it sounds like this is an arrangement that works just fine for Chris and MrBeast.