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Horizon: Zero Dawn 2: Will We Ever Get A Sequel?

With the PlayStation 5 on the way, players are wondering if some of their favorite exclusives will receive sequels for the powerful, next gen console. While a God of War follow-up is practically guaranteed, it's less clear if Guerrilla Games has plans for a Horizon: Zero Dawn 2.


Horizon: Zero Dawn was an undeniable success. Guerilla Games would be remiss to pass on the opportunity to continue the compelling story it started. That said, the developer did grace players with a sizable DLC called The Frozen Wilds, which only served to make them more hungry for 31st century adventures. Fans want more Aloy, but will their wish be granted?

At the moment, rumors point to a resounding maybe. PlayStation die-hards got their cables in a twist about the possibility of Horizon: Zero Dawn, a PlayStation exclusive, getting ported to the PC. This unprecedented move is still on the table and it does make some sense. Death Stranding was once a PlayStation exclusive, but it will be migrating to the PC later this year. It's also theorized the same will happen for Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Media Molecule's Dreams.


Guerilla Games could have a PC port of Horizon: Zero Dawn to finish before it is able to contemplate a sequel. There are additional rumors that the game might be ported to yet another platform, this one a little closer to home: there might be a Horizon: Zero Dawn PSVR game on the way

With two possible ports on their hands, it's unlikely the folks at Guerilla Games will have time to make a sequel anytime soon. Not to mention Guerilla is also the name behind the Killzone franchise, which hasn't had a new title in quite awhile. All this considered, you're probably in for a long wait before you hear any sort of announcement about a Horizon: Zero Dawn sequel, but it might just happen ... one day.