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New GTA 6 Character, Story And Map Leak Unpacked

Ever since fans received confirmation that Rockstar Games is officially developing a new Grand Theft Auto game, they've been chomping at the bit for any new information. Even conflicting reports regarding how far into development the game has gotten have done little to dampen the spirits of GTA fans. Now, a new alleged leak of plot and character details on Reddit may give us some neat ideas as to where the series is heading next. 


This new supposed leak comes to us from Reddit user MrSkarKasm, who claims they found these details through a post on 4Chan, which in turn supposedly supplied information passed on by a disgruntled Rockstar Games employee. As always, these rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, but let's go ahead and dig in.

Many of the details in this leak seem to build off of previous rumors. In particular, the post mentions that most of the game will take place in Florida. This would back up the persistent rumors that GTA will be returning to Vice City. These rumors reached a fever pitch a few months back when former Rockstar artist Stephen Bliss posted some very Vice City-esque artwork on his Instagram account. The images were removed shortly afterwards and Bliss insisted that he didn't have any involvement in a new GTA title. Still, there was some speculation that either Bliss knew more than he was letting on or that he had inadvertently revealed some of Rockstar's plans for the next installment in the series.


According to the leak, Vice City won't be the only Florida locale visited, which makes sense. The leaker insists that the map in the new game "is set to be the size of GTA V & RDR2 combined."

In addition to the massive map, the post claims that the game will take players on at least a brief journey to another country entirely. At some point in the campaign, players will head to somewhere in Central America. This little trip is presumably tied to the overall plot of the game, which apparently involves the drug trade in the 1980s.

Yes, it appears that this leak also builds off of those "Project Americas" rumors we've been hearing for quite some time. It has been suggested for a while that the next game in the series would involve the drug trade between North and South America. Adding fuel to this rumor was the fact that actor Jorge Consejo has added Grand Theft Auto 6 to his resume, claiming he plays a character called "The Mexican." In other words, this is a theory that seems to have a nice bit of weight to it.

Also of interest is the idea that the new game may feature four protagonists, each with a specific role to play in the events of the story. These characters are supposedly a driver named Walther Wallace, a pilot and drug smuggler named Thomas Branigan, a single father and drug dealer named Thomas Burke, and an unnamed former member of the Israel Defense Forces. These characters will apparently join together to expand the drug trade in Florida. 


The leak also contains a few other interesting details. For one, the game is apparently embracing some more parkour elements. According to the post, there won't be anything as spectacular as wall-running, but players will have more options when it comes to making their way around the map on foot. Also, when switching between protagonists, the game will no longer zoom out. Instead, "the camera just travels quickly to where your desired protagonist is."

The game will also allegedly embrace some of the mechanics from Red Dead Redemption 2, including the fact that your character can gain weight over the course of the game. Also, weapons will be rendered somewhat more realistically in this game, particularly when using rocket launchers, These can now cause significant collateral damage and knock back NPCs around you when you fire them.

All in all, this leak sounds like a regular wish list from GTA fans, aside from a few bits. There has been some demand for a female protagonist in a GTA game for quite some time, but this leak makes it sound like fans may have to wait even longer for that to become a reality. In addition, some have argued that GTA 5's use of three protagonists made the characters' individual plots a little harder to follow at times. Adding a fourth character could exacerbate that problem.


Some of these concepts sound like a lot of fun, but without an official confirmation from Rockstar, it's hard to say how much of it is accurate. Hopefully we'll hear something soon about whether or not we should start packing our bags to return to Vice City.