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Dr Disrespect's Gulag Idea Has Warzone Fans Split

Despite threatening to quit playing it, Dr Disrespect continues to spend quite a bit of time playing Call of Duty: Warzone. Though he has expressed disappointment with the shooter in the past, there are some things he apparently enjoys about the game. 


One of these is the Gulag, the prison that players are sent to after they're downed for the first time in a Warzone match. Once there, players are thrust into a one on one battle. The victor is allowed a second chance to fight, returning them to the map with the rest of the players.

Dr Disrespect does have a few qualms with the Gulag, however. In a recent stream, he mentioned some things he'd like to see change in regards to the Gulag, and they actually sound like they could be very fun. The basic idea is that players would bring their single favorite weapon, including ones that they've upgraded, but they can only have one. Then it becomes a matter of using your favorite weapon in the right way.


In a clip of the stream, Dr Disrespect says that players heading into the Gulag should have "no perks, no equipment, and your ideal weapon to take in there, and no RPGs or explosives ... You could take your decked out MP5, decked out AR, decked out LMG, maybe even a sniper ... and that's it."

He then stressed that people shouldn't be able to go in all guns akimbo or with anything overly ridiculous. "Just straight up, solid weapons, and whatever your create-a-class is around it," he stated. 

It does appear as though many players in the Call of Duty community are split over Dr Disrespect's suggestion. In fact, more than a few fans took to Twitter to weigh in on the video of Doc's thoughts. Some fans seem to think that this could lead to the game becoming stale, especially if people were allowed to pick an overpowered weapon. Some seemed to be on board with the concept, with some minor tweaks. 

Several players seemed to latch onto what the Doc said about not allowing players to dual wield weapons within the Gulag. One said, "The gulag would be all dual magnums no diversity" if no such rules were put in place.

One player suggested that weapons should be left outside the Gulag, leaving players to battle things out hand to hand for their chance at getting out. They wrote, "Gulag should be no weapons. Throw hands." 


Then, it seemed as though a better idea struck them when another player suggested that knives should be the only option within the Gulag. This led to the first gamer adding, "A knife in the middle ... whoever picks it first [has the edge]."

Others seemed to think that this would lead to players having basically no honor in the Gulag. They wrote, "there's supposed to be no edge to either player ... [That] seems pretty pay to win to me."

Another player added onto the Doc's recommendations, fleshing out some of the ideas. This player suggested that there were multiple ways to even the playing field within the Gulag, writing, "Just make it like [Modern Warfare's Gunfight mode] without tacticals and grenades. Give both the same AR/sniper/SMG. Remove the cover in the middle of the map so its all aim based instead of stun and rush bs," they wrote. 

Honestly, some of these cover issues may not feel so frustrating once Infinity Ward fixes some of the game's sound balancing problems. In the past, Dr Disrespect has pointed out that he feels audio mixing is the biggest problem holding Warzone back from being enjoyable.

In a humorous note, one player suggested that the Gulag shouldn't stop at adding changes to the weapons brought in. They recommended that the game should add "heavy metal concerts" in the Gulag. This seems to be a cheeky reference to the rap and dance concerts that have been featured within Fortnite, such as the recent Travis Scott show.


All in all, the Gulag has proven to be a rather popular feature in Warzone, as well as something that sets it apart from its competitors. Even Ninja has wondered if other games like Fortnite should look into stealing the concept of the Gulag for their own battle royale matches. However, it's also worth noting that Ninja dislikes the game's custom loadouts, which are exactly what Dr Disrespect seems to think should be brought into the Gulag.

While the Doc's idea may not sound great to everyone, at least this seems to show that he's more invested in Warzone than he has been for a while. It really looked like he was giving up on the game completely for a bit.