Warzone On PC Has One Huge Advantage

Another day brings another newly discovered issue with Call of Duty: Warzone. Though the game has already accumulated quite a following among gamers since its release, it certainly hasn't been without its problems. One of the biggest problems facing it right now is the fact that players feel that certain platforms have an advantage over others. This is a major problem when you're dealing with a major cross-play title like Warzone. 


Now, it turns out that PC players of Warzone can quite literally see more of the game on screen than console players. While PC players can actually adjust their field of view (FOV), console players cannot. This results in more of the battlefield being available for PC players to see when compared to those on a console. 

Reddit user ImPretendingToCare uploaded a video showing this problem in action. In the clip, we can see a console player getting mowed down by an enemy from offscreen. Then the clip shows us the scene from the PC player's perspective, in which we can clearly see the killer standing at the top of a building near the downed teammate. It's a wild disparity that has been corroborated by other comments in the thread.


"I can't tell you how many times I've been spectating my console friends only to watch them sweep across an enemy without ever seeing them," reads one comment. "The biggest disadvantage on console is easily the FOV.""

ImPretendingToCare added, "Apparently they miss a lot more than we naturally think. Cause after this we got into a discussion about how often us PC'rs tell them 'RIGHT THERE' to things they never see."

Another commenter added a photo that shows the difference between the FOV afforded to PC gamers vs. console gamers in Warzone. It has been pointed out that sometimes widening the FOV too much can result in a distracting fisheye effect, but the fact remains that this cross-play game still has a gulf of differences between what each platform is capable of.

This field of view issue isn't the first problem that has been encountered by Warzone players within its first few months of release. In fact, it's not even the one issue that is being noted as a disadvantage between console and PC gamers. As with the Fortnite aim assist controversy, many Warzone gamers feel that PC gamers using a gamepad have an unfair advantage when it comes to aiming at the enemy in the game. When aim assist is toggled on for gamepad users, some feel that it's almost too easy to land a killshot without even properly attempting to aim.


This was most notably demonstrated recently by Dr Disrespect in a stream where he decided to try playing Warzone with a controller. Not only did the Doc manage to rack up an impressive number of kills, but he did a few almost automatically

At one point, he remarked towards a fallen enemy, "I almost don't even need to look at the guy. I don't have to squint and really concentrate on my full spray." This was only one of two apparent no-look kills he pulled off during that stream.

However, Dr Disrespect has also pointed out some of the game's other shortcomings on numerous occasions. He almost threatened to stop streaming Warzone entirely a little while back due to some of the game's more glaring balancing issues. Chief among these was the game's sound mixing, which Dr Disrespect felt was Warzone's biggest problem. The game's sound mix can sometimes make it impossible for players to tell where gunshots are coming from. Other times, players have noted that they can't hear enemies who are even in the same room as them, making it hard to play with any kind of meaningful stealth strategy.

Still, there are hopes that upcoming updates to the game will fix these many issues and make the cross-platform play a little bit better for everyone. It's definitely hard to enjoy a game when it feels like a huge section of players are able to use advantages that aren't available to you. Unfortunately for gamers hoping for a quick fix, the next season of Call of Duty: Warzone has been delayed until an unknown date.


Forbes' Paul Tassi estimates that we'll see the next update sometime in the next two weeks. The update and new season is expected to bring players some new maps to explore (which may tie into the leaked Call of Duty: Black Ops — Cold War). Maybe this delay will also give Infinity Ward a bit more time to work out some of these kinks that players have griped about.