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The Fortnite Feature Fans Want To Steal For Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone continues to tease players with mysterious bunkers and gamers have been setting insane kill count records within the game. It's clear that the battle royale shooter has proven to be a massive success. However, there are some players who think that Call of Duty: Warzone would do well to borrow a gameplay mechanic from fellow battle royale game Fortnite.


On Reddit, several players have discussed the merits of Warzone allowing players to carry or drag injured teammates, much in the same way Fortnite allows. Starting with Fortnite: Chapter 2, players have had the ability to pick up another player and throw them over their shoulder. This allows them to carry the injured teammate to safety before attempting a revive. It's a smart way of getting the assisting player out of the line of fire while they do what needs to be done. Considering how much of Call of Duty: Warzone is based around teamwork and looking out for one another, it would make sense to add something like this in a future update.

A player in another thread echoed this sentiment. They mentioned that it was frustrating when a teammate gets sniped and then you just have to kind of leave them out there in the open. As this player suggests, "I think it would be an awesome addition if you could put your gun away and drag a downed teammate to safety. The move speed would be quicker than the speed a teammate could crawl and would be best when trying to get them to safety behind cover for a revive before being cleaned up. You would be vulnerable out in the open while dragging them which would balance it."


The responses to the idea of borrowing this mechanic from Fortnite have been pretty interesting. Other players began throwing ideas out there to make this concept even more exciting from a gameplay perspective. One commenter suggested that the teammate being carried could use their gun for cover fire while the person carrying them focused on finding cover and getting to safety. Another said they'd like "to be able to just put your gun away" at all. That way, players could move faster in a sticky situation.

At least one player didn't seem too keen on the idea of adding a carrying mechanic. According to one commenter, adding something like this felt like it would turn the game into "Fortnite without the building and basically for adults." Still, it appears as though the majority of the other players in these threads are interested in the concept. 

This isn't the first time that it has been suggested that the two games should copy one another's notes. Back in April, Ninja mentioned during a livestream that perhaps Fortnite could learn a few lessons from Warzone, as well. 

One of the more popular features of Call of Duty: Warzone has been the Gulag. This is a prison that players are sent to after being taken down for the first time during a match. Players are then given an opportunity to earn a spot back on the battlefield by successfully surviving a one-on-one fight in the Gulag. It's a cool concept, and one that Ninja seems to think could benefit Fortnite players. 


As Ninja noted, Fortnite has gotten a bit stale for many players. He mentioned that a Gulag-style mechanic could encourage players to go with a bit more strategy. "People don't try to win as much as they used to," he said, believing that most players tend to focus on kills instead.

Because of this, Ninja said that most players in a Fortnite match have been eliminated before the round would typically be over. Introducing something akin to the Gulag would be a good way to "keep ... the numbers up," as Ninja suggested.

It remains to be seen what kind of changes will be coming in the next season of Call of Duty: Warzone. Though a new season was set to launch at the beginning of this month, Activision and Infinity Ward recently announced that it would be delayed until an unknown date. 

While the game continues to be a success, it isn't without its problems. Still, it's clear that the game's fans have plenty of ideas for how to make it better. Maybe we can get a fix for the "field of view" disparity between PC and console players. Perhaps Infinity Ward can provide some tweaks to the game's many sound balancing issues. Hopefully this delay will give Infinity Ward time to work out some kinks and address player feedback in a meaningful way.